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Weapon Throwing RPG 2 is a simple combat role-playing game. In this game, the player transforms into a hero whose task is to destroy the monster by throwing weapons at it—a wide variety of weapons and characters. Accurately throw at monsters or weapons they attack you to destroy them. Simple operation and challenging difficulty are the things that make many players love this game—an exciting fighting game for everyone. Join the war of heroes and monsters!

Weapon Throwing RPG 2 Weapon Throwing RPG 2


In the Weapon Throwing RPG 2 game, the player takes on the role of a heroic character. Start exploring the lands in this world. First, choose a hero character you love. In the list of heroes of the game, there are many heroes for you to choose from. Heroes with a high power feature will be locked, and you can unlock it once you reach high levels. Each hero character has a unique power feature and unique effect, and heroes have their own powers.

You and the monster will stand on opposite sides of the cliff. At a certain distance, your task is to throw the weapon at the monster. Use swipe gestures to adjust the throw height. Calculate how to make sure the weapon must hit the monster in order to deal damage to it. Especially monsters will also attack you in the same way, trying to dodge its moves. Or you have to upgrade your damage to a high level to make the monster die quickly. When your or monster’s health bar reaches 0, that character will die.

Weapon Throwing RPG 2 Weapon Throwing RPG 2


But to attack monsters, players need a perfect set of equipment. The first is the throwing weapon. It could be a knife, a dart, or a bomb. For each such weapon, there are many other subcategories to choose from. You have to buy them at the game store, and they can be purchased even when you are in battle. To be able to buy it, you need coins. The number of coins will be earned after you shoot down the monsters. The more damaged a weapon is, the more coins it needs to spend to buy it.

Weapon Throwing RPG 2 also creates hundreds of challenges for players with hundreds of levels. The increasing difficulties stimulate every player’s desire to win. Each level will be a different monster and also a new land. The distance between you and the monster will also change further and further. This will require you to calculate the direction of the weapon launch carefully. The weapon launch is simple; the challenges for you are super complex!


Weapon Throwing RPG 2 is built on a mystical plot. This land is in the primeval time when no humans appeared. However, many monsters destroy everything. See, God sent heroic characters out of this world to help him quell the rebellion in the lands. For that reason, you are presented with this urgent mission.

Weapon Throwing RPG 2 Weapon Throwing RPG 2

Exciting storyline, cartoon images, appealing music, and basic, easy-to-understand controls make this game a must-have for any gamer. The game is appropriate for players of all ages. A free game that can be played anywhere and at any time will surely be an ideal choice for relaxing—you will be able to encounter stories in each land that will guide you through your journey. Not only is it entertaining to play a game, but it is also entertaining to witness a heroic cartoon combat. Explore all of the game’s new lands and defeat all of the game’s most terrifying monsters.


  • A role-playing game in the hero character and throwing weapons to destroy the ferocious monsters in the levels.
  • Diverse hero characters for players to choose according to their preferences. Each hero has unique power characteristics and effects.
  • Destroy monsters by accurately calculating the direction to throw the weapon. Throw weapons to deal damage or bombard weapons attacked by monsters.
  • Hundreds of battle levels with difficulty challenging the conquest. Buy high damage equipment to win easily.
  • Follow the plot explore new lands. Free game, play offline and relax in the mysterious world space.

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