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Role-playing games have been top-rated and are produced with many different themes depending on the playing style of each person, but this will be a game that will leave you with a deep impression through the exciting things it brings. You will become a master of a large smithy in this city, but trouble occurs when your workshop accidentally awakens dragons that make them revolt. There is no other way you will have to balance between continuing to mine at your smithy and fighting against large and dangerous dragons.

Warriors' Market Mayhem : Offline Retro RPG


Warriors’ Market Mayhem VIP will lead you to a unique and fascinating play space revolving around the story of the blacksmith and the fearsome dragons. In this game, you will play the role of a blacksmith and start your life under the threat of mysterious dragons in a particular city inhabited by residents and also occupied by dragons. Everything is going very well until your work becomes more and more forced to handle quickly, leading to the forge operating at full capacity and making loud noises.

This inadvertently reached the ears of the dragons residing inside the cave, and they gradually woke up after those echoes and began to find a way to attack your land. The fiery wars happen in a row, and if you don’t act quickly, the city will be in danger of being destroyed, so you need to produce weapons to fight them and trade with products.

Warriors' Market Mayhem : Offline Retro RPG


The game will surely impress you with many exciting features with beautiful but straightforward gameplay. Starting the game, you will be Mr. Forge King – who owns the smithy and is always working hard to reap his achievements. Dragons will begin to appear and are always looking for ways to hinder and attack, so you need to produce sharp weapons to respond in time.

Plus, use simple gestures to control everything to your liking and make production operations happen inside the workshop. The game will give you big business projects, and your task is to seize the opportunities to promote the growth of your business besides fighting the dragons. This is the time for you to show off your inherent skills and business acumen to create new achievements.

Warriors' Market Mayhem : Offline Retro RPG


Although the description is quite simple, you will encounter many difficulties in the process of playing and performing the tasks. The first level is the starting process, so you will get used to reasonably easy tasks to progress to more complex requirements. Your business is on the rise but is interrupted by dragons; in addition, they will always be lurking to catch you, so always be ready to fight and be on the lookout, or you will lose everything.

The arrival of the enormous dragon will be your biggest challenge, so you need to create strategies to defeat them as quickly as possible. Remember, we won’t be able to reach them when they want to attack, so all you need to do is create an intelligent plan to deal with it. However, if they intend to withdraw, you can make peace, but do not rush to rejoice because no one can know they will attack you at any time.

Warriors' Market Mayhem : Offline Retro RPG


In order not to cause boredom for Warriors’ Market players, Mayhem VIP will lead you to unique and dramatic battles in this city. Besides, it would help if you conquered the challenges that the game offers to be able to complete the goal and become the wealthiest boss. The city will present a challenge, and if your smithy catches the dragon in the shortest time, you will receive the medal with all honor and pride. This is not easy, but you will have to use sharp thinking along with agile play to win. In addition to making sure to take the initiative on the battlefield, you are allowed to collect more materials to create many different types of combat weapons.

Warriors' Market Mayhem : Offline Retro RPG


  • Learn about the story in the city of Forge King and help him develop the smithy with the most potent weapons; this is your time to become a character in the game and go on a quest
  • The game is built with attractive gameplay along with unique graphics so you can feel more realistic. Dragons threaten your city after loud noises from the smithy, so start fighting now
  • In this game, you will have to balance between fighting and expanding production with your smithy; in addition, the game will give you big business projects for you to grow your business.
  • Face a series of dangerous challenges as the dragons move deeper and deeper into the city, forcing you to fight hard with the weapons created at the smithy, defeat them as quickly as possible if you don’t want the city destroyed
  • You will have the opportunity to collect many new weapons, and you also need to gather materials to make weapons. The city will give you challenges, and if you complete you will receive medals

Warriors’ Market Mayhem VIP v1.5.28 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download