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Unruly Heroes will bring players to fierce battles to find a new path of Journey to the West. This is a unique adventure combined with new action elements; players will control their group of characters to participate in every match. There will be many difficulties for our characters on the way to the Buddhist scriptures. But with a great heart towards Buddha, the characters fought with all to get the Buddhist scriptures for all sentient beings.

Unruly Heroes


We seem to be all too familiar with a famous Chinese novel called Journey to the West. A special feature is that all the characters in this group will join their master in a turbulent adventure to get the Buddhist scriptures. On the way to the Buddhist scriptures, you will have to overcome many obstacles, and fierce battles will take place. Will everyone give up halfway?

Players will control all their characters in the right direction of the novel. Players will have to map out the most reasonable paths to save a period of time. However, difficulties will continue to happen, and you are the one who can lead all the battles. Unruly Heroes always gives you new strategies from which you develop your entire character. Players will control their characters to participate in those fiery matches, and the goal is to win.

Unruly Heroes


In turn, on the roads that the group needs to overcome, there will be many difficulties. The bad guys want to attack us to capture the owner of this group of characters. But with the ability as well as loyalty, it is not easy for that bad guy to take advantage; you have to fight with the characters. There are quite a few challenges, and in turn, you have to control your character to overcome them.

Unruly Heroes

Using the combined power of the characters is something that players need to understand in this game. The use of combined power will increase the group’s strength, and any opponent will not be able to stand in our way anymore. Using Unruly Heroes’ quick, quick-winning trick is also a bold idea to confuse the enemy. Moreover, the player needs to control his character to attack quickly on the weak point to make the opponent wobble.

Unruly Heroes


Unruly Heroes will give you a series of unique abilities that players can easily fight. Each superpower is a kind of underground power, be it a tornado kick or a daring punch. Each spell is also used if bad circumstances occur.

However, the characters need to limit killing enemies because on the way to the Buddhist scriptures. The game always gives all the characters a powerful card so that if the challenge is too difficult, a destructive superpower will be used. A series of powers will be unlocked in turn and effectively support you.

Unruly Heroes

Through this, Unruly Heroes always shows players the exciting things inside and, from there, strongly develops the character. Each character will have a unique temperament, and the synthesis will increase the artistry. The most outstanding is the challenge given more and more so that you will train your own reflexes.

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