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Get creative non-stop with Toca Lab: Plants so you can create the most unusual plant varieties. You will become the most talented experimenter when participating in fun experiments in the game. In particular, the game helps players to research and discover unique varieties freely. You can let your children get lost in the lab so they can think creatively with beautiful plants—a suitable game for children to experience to learn more useful things. Experiment with safe chemistry the way you want so you can relax and have fun.


A Plant in Your Plants with emotions and eyes and mouths? It’s crazy, isn’t it, but this appears in Toca Lab: Plants. You take care of the plants and observe their emotional reactions. The game provides players with 35 different varieties of plants to experiment with and take care of. Divided into 5 groups of plants: green algae, moss, ferns, trees, and flowering plants, players are free to choose the group of plants they like. Each plant variety will have different characteristics and shapes. Whether they grow well or not depends on you.

These plants will respond when affected by laboratory instruments in the lab, including light, watering cans, nutrient stations, breeding equipment, and cloning machines. You will find it interesting to discover the unusual characteristics of these plants during the experiment. The first thing you need to do is choose a plant variety, then give it enough light to grow. However, not all plants like light. When you shine the light on them, you need to observe how they react.

Toca Lab: Plants Toca Lab: Plants


If you find that your plants don’t like light, find out why and bring them into the lab to change their characteristics with the new environment. For plants to adapt to all light environments, you need to force them to change, don’t let your plants get spots that die slowly. Adding rocks or electric shocks or adding nutrients needed to treat your plants are not bad ideas.

Obviously, plants can’t live if you don’t water them. Try watering your plants and see their funny reactions. If it reacts angrily to this, it means that the plant does not like a lot of water, and if the tree is happy with the water provided, it is definitely a water-demanding plant. You can also use a round tank full of water to see which plants can float on the water.


When your plants in the lab grow green, you can also combine them to create new hybrids. Use a hybrid method by combining 2 plants that you like to create a unique hybrid. These hybrids will have new characteristics and disease resistance, sometimes even better than the parent plant, creating many hybrid plants with different effects and personalities, so you have unique genetic sets.

Of course, you are allowed to breed all the plants present in your laboratory for testing. However, you also need to see if your tree is happy because the plants are designed in Toca Lab: Plants all have happy and sad emotions, just like humans. Don’t let your plants grow poorly because of negative emotions.

Toca Lab: Plants Toca Lab: Plants


You can easily become an expert in plant breeding while playing Toca Lab: Plant. If you find a plant that you like, you can also use a mirror to increase the number of plants while keeping the characteristics of the plants. Each time you clone, you will create 5 more identical trees by giving the parent tree and the clone machine. When released from the oven, the seedlings will become a reserve material for you to use for other experiments. This is a huge step forward in cloning technology, and you will experience it in an experiment house full of fun plants.

Many interesting things are waiting for you to discover in Toca Lab: Plants with fun plants. You will learn a lot from learning the names of real-life plants. Teach children the fun things in the game to grow a variety of plants and breed many good varieties. The more children are tested, the more great choices they will have, in addition to helping players love nature and learn more about science—a game worth you to boost your concentration and thinking skills.

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