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Join Thimbleweed Park to learn thrilling information from extremely mysterious stories appearing in this land. During the course of the mission, players will witness scary and equally fascinating events from the stories happening in the game. Come to a forgotten town and encounter many mysteries at haunted houses, unsolved murders. For those who love the action-horror genre, this is definitely a challenging playground.

Thimbleweed Park


To join a game, players will need to learn about the setting and special events taking place in the game. Coming to Thimbleweed Park, players will experience an extremely bewildering feeling when faced with the death of a character in this forgotten town. A dead body appeared, making many people in the town extremely surprised. Therefore, how will this matter be resolved? Of course, the first will be the participation of FBI agents who investigate and find out the cause of death in the first incident that occurs at the beginning of the game.

Ray and Reyes accept a mission to the town of Thimbleweed Park to participate in their work because of a local report. After researching and analyzing the body, the police believe that this is murder for personal purposes. Players will constantly participate in the investigation to find out the perpetrators and their purposes, and the perpetrators will have to pay for their mistakes.

Thimbleweed Park


Confusing events appear one after another in the game and require participants to handle all situations calmly. Many stories scare players, but perhaps that is also the highlight of Thimbleweed Park. Participants will not be alone when carrying out the task alone, but the player will have to control 5 characters to solve the events in the game.

So will the 5 characters help each other or cause trouble for each other? The player is the one who decides whether the circumstances are good and fruitful or not through his manipulations. Players need to use the appropriate action to control the character to take action in the right direction. Each character will be associated with solving different stories, and players need to use appropriate tactics during the quest.

Thimbleweed Park


For those who have always spent all their time participating in horror role-playing games like this, perhaps the scarier the setting, the more appealing to them. Players will not stop for a moment because the stories in the game are too attractive and thrilling. At the beginning of the game, players will fear facing a very wild and shabby town. And it is certainly that wildness that makes the thrilling stories in the game more attractive. The characters appearing in the game are well built, emphasizing cold and somewhat sad faces.

Locations appearing in the game, such as a restaurant, a food factory, or a desolate and remote lake, are carved with reality. In addition, the help from the sound system also makes the game leave a deep impression in the hearts of players with gentle and sometimes overwhelming music.

Thimbleweed Park


When participating in Thimbleweed Park, players will be provided with a text hint system displayed on the device screen. Players need to choose a character that suits their abilities. After going through several tasks, the player’s character will be upgraded. In participating in the game, players will experience an adventure in many maps associated with different lands. Each map in the game will give participants their own mystery stories revolving around the town full of mysteries.

What the player needs to do is decode the puzzles that appear the total request from the system. Players can use touch, move left, right and jump up as needed to pass the mission. The missions will increase with the level and require the player to use accurate judgment, analysis, and character control skills.

Get lost in the small town area where thrilling and captivating stories occur when you join Thimbleweed Park. Players will accompany 4 friends to form a team dedicated to investigating and finding answers to mysterious events. Whether it is a case of disappearance, theft, or murder, players do not hesitate and find the most accurate answer.

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