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The city in Theft City has started to become chaotic, and now you are on a mission to collect your coins. This is an outstanding video game; the game wants you to be the main character that controls this adventure. The game is adding new and exciting features, many new challenges will also be given, and you need to solve them thoroughly. More specifically, the game will also make you excited to find a large amount of money for yourself.

Theft City


In the city is emerging chaos, and now is the time for you to show your ability. In this game, you are a genuine robber, and you have to collect significant amounts of money for yourself. The larger these amounts, the more your wealth will be increased, and you will become a more powerful person than ever. Challenges have begun to break out for you, and this is also your opportunity to earn vast amounts of money.

The task has been clearly defined, and you need to follow it to make it more convenient in many ways. Players will perform the selection of the city they want to conquer, and then Theft City will provide the city for you. Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll get started with this large-scale robbery. Primarily you have to pay attention to many different aspects because the game will also give you more unexpected situations; this situation can make you difficult at any time.

Theft City


Now the mission has been clearly defined, and the game officially begins with a lot of exciting things. The game provides you with maps that mark essential areas for you to know. After looking at the map, you will control your character to areas that you suspect have a lot of money. When you get to that area, you need to keep an eye on many places and proceed to rob money. Every game will have more challenges popping up so you can be clever and solve it yourself as quickly as possible.

You will encounter unexpected situations such as meeting the police, the police patrolling the area where you are operating. At times like these, you need to use weapons so that if you encounter a force majeure situation, you can open fire to protect yourself. Moreover, you can also use your flexibility to move to a safer area thanks to electric cables or wires around large buildings.

Theft City


After handling those stressful situations, you will be provided with the unique support features by Theft City. This offering will make the game exciting, and players dare to face new difficulties. Equipping essential items such as maps, penetrating binoculars, or even fast-moving vehicles is also very important. Thanks to these powerful support items, you can also move on to new rounds.

Unlocking more regions is a significant advantage that we should not ignore. Unlocking like that makes the game more engaging, and you can create true adventures. Finding yourself a considerable amount of money is what Theft City wants, and you have the strength to do it. More specifically, the game will also add a series of challenging situations for you to use flexibly to solve as quickly as possible.

The adventure across the city in Theft City has to be impressive. Players will also be able to conquer new challenges independently and thereby create massive capital for themselves. Players will also meet like-minded friends and perform stunts. Primarily the game also always provides you with other useful features to make the game impressive and create the most exciting adventures.

Theft City


  • Enter any city and search for the whole city to collect the most significant amount of money for yourself.
  • Find teammates to support, and the money earned will be divided equally for everyone to benefit.
  • Immediately apply the area map to be able to find the rich roads for this money-making business.
  • Bring effective weapons and items to prevent dangerous situations from happening, and you need to deal with them all.
  • Unlock more new lands in many new cities to collect and make a solid career.

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