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Never before has it been so easy to make money; players could have owned a considerable fortune with just a light touch. Now, with Tap Tycoon, the player embodies the head who controls the euro’s volatility. Besides, there is a mission to rule the world in the 35th century with extraordinary miracles happening. Hundreds of giant businesses and corporations are waiting for your strategy and money to grow to dominate the world.


Tap Tycoon, players will not be left alone in a huge pile of money, but around you also have fellow countrymen as investors and financiers. Smart, grasping, and orienting the market well. Players have the ambition to conquer and compete with opponents around the world. You can share and invite your family and friends to join this impressive one-of-a-kind world. The player appears with the appearance of a successful businessman that is highly eye-catching. You wear a vest and polite, casual pants with a red tie that is considered an object that brings luck and prosperity to you.

Tap Tycoon Tap Tycoon


In addition, perhaps the most attractive thing for millions of gamers is being able to own medals that honor the honor and admirable achievements of successful entrepreneurs. Along with the main degrees are the special rewards that many people desire, and you are no exception. However, only a few countries with the most potent businesses can achieve this every week.


Have you ever dreamed of owning a treasure trove of cash or even a snap of money falling from the sky to cover you? This dream inspires this game, so it has proposed and designed impressive gameplay. Players now only need a button to touch the thin space; money from the high blue sky has fallen all over the ground. Your task is to fly up to collect it into your personal coffers as much as possible.


Tap Tycoon will recommend the coin to invest in making a profit and bringing businesses up, reaching out to five continents and four pools. At your fingertips are hundreds or even many players who have become veterans, then a million is a number that can be owned. Players must upgrade businesses by shaping their growth and expertise in the future. Most of these corporations are multi-industry companies, so they are not limited by any field.

Tap Tycoon Tap Tycoon


Tap Tycoon brings players to the 35th century, where things you could never have imagined are happening right before your eyes. Specifically, the Earth’s anti-gravity fork sounds absurd but is completely convincing if you set foot in this unique world. Not stopping there, we also bring you unforgettable experiences.

When moving from one city to another or from one country to another, the huge luggage molds have caused you many difficulties. But in the 35th century, they can be reduced to exciting magic. Besides, the window view with intelligent three-dimensional space will be the trump card to save the player in awkward situations.

The player appears with the appearance of a successful businessman that is highly eye-catching. You wear a vest and polite, casual pants with a red tie, which brings luck and prosperity to you.

  • Dominate the world with hundreds of leading global multi-industry businesses.
  • The ability to generate dollars with the touch of a button in space.
  • Excellence wins glorious diplomas and unlimited gifts.
  • 35th century with supergiant techniques like realistic magic shows.
  • Managing the business and orienting the development strategy.

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