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Stick Fight is a fighting game that revolves around a stickman character against many enemies that constantly appear. Players will perform precise attacks to destroy those who want to approach, and of course, you will know the right time and attack for each type of enemy. In addition, the quests will help you find some coins to use in the game, and the equipment will give you an advantage.

Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior & Stickman Game


In Stick Fight, players will see the character they control appear on a ship that is constantly moving forward, and of course, that is also the battle scene. From both sides, players will see other stickmen constantly appearing, and their goal is straightforward: to destroy you. You will use the skills you have to be able to attack them accurately and earn the highest score in each level.

Controls are done with touches on either side of the screen, and in other words, you won’t need to move too much. You won’t use the buttons to move above the moving train, and an attack usually accompanies each move. So every time you touch one side of the screen, an attack will be launched, and defeat will follow if you don’t hit it correctly.

Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior & Stickman Game


Players will get useful information regarding the correct way to attack in Stick Fight, and they need to follow to destroy the enemy. They can recognize the black dots under each character, and when they turn white, that’s the right time to attack. At the same time, each enemy has different attacks that you will need to execute correctly, and if not, the enemy will catch you.

The circumstances that will make you fail in this game are numerous and often stem from incorrect attacks. Specifically, the player attacks the enemy when the black dots have not turned white and are captured and defeated by the enemies. In addition, some armed characters need to be destroyed by a sequence of corresponding actions; if the sequence of actions is not correct, the character will also suffer the consequences.

Players do not only perform basic attacks but attacks in a sequence. This attack is suitable for situations when enemies constantly appear in front of you, so you will not have time to rest but will try to destroy them as quickly as possible. At the same time, over time, your control will improve as you will try to observe, reflect and press the screen accurately to destroy the enemy.

Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior & Stickman Game


When you experience Stick Fight, you will see the quests constantly appear, and you will try to complete them. This completion comes from the money they receive in the game used to access items. In addition, sometimes, there will be coins appearing unexpectedly on the game screen, and you can move to attack and collect the coins you see. Surely there will be many interesting things you can find in this game.

Players can find equipment for the character to destroy more enemies quickly. New weapons will be applied to the white stickman character and help it become more distinctive from the enemies that constantly appear. At the same time, players can also fully realize the impressive points of the weapons when the character’s attack range becomes further. So getting knocked down can also be minimized, and sure enough, it’s suitable for overcoming challenging cases.

Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior & Stickman Game

Players will control the character to launch attacks on enemies:

  • Stickmen will approach your character with the goal of defeating you, so you will choose the right time to launch an attack with them.
  • The characters all have black dots that can turn white and different attacks suitable for different types of enemies.
  • In some cases, the player can launch continuous attacks when the number of enemies appears in large numbers, making it difficult for the player.
  • The quests deserve attention in the game because they bring a certain amount of money that the player can use in this game.
  • Equipment with different characteristics will be equipped to the character and give the advantage in defeating the enemy.

Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior v1.77 MOD APK (Unlocked All Weapons) Download