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The characters inspire space Zombie Shooter in the game Among Us that once shook many players, and now you will see it again but with a different version. Instead of finding out who is the Imposter among the rest, with this game, you and some other people will play the role of warriors to destroy zombies. Join the thrilling and never-ending battles between you and the formidable zombies that are increasingly crowded.

Space Zombie Shooter


The story of Space Zombie Shooter will begin in a place far away in space where only your spaceship is floating among thousands of stars. You will play as a professional mercenary and are walking with your subordinates to explore everything in the universe. You thought everything was going to be very peaceful, but now you receive an urgent message about taking on a hazardous mission. A new task that you have never done before and that will be a considerable challenge.

Some strange virus somehow infiltrated and turned all the astronauts on the Hyperion space station into zombies. Not only that, but they are also plotting to invade the whole place and attack the survivors. Our character seems to be quite hesitant, but when he hears the reward for completing the mission is a million credits, he immediately activates the super-fast speed for the spacecraft to quickly reach the space station Hyperion. A new journey will begin from here, and you will be the one to help him fight the zombies.

Space Zombie Shooter


You will be able to choose your own character, but if you just started the game, you can only select one available character that the game has to offer. The exciting thing is that you will be able to choose between 1-player and 2-player modes, so what are you waiting for without fighting with your friends. Each character and weapon will be selected from as you like, such as some guns and even knives. Inside, the space station is vast and divided into many different areas so that you will control your character to go around in search of zombies.

It would be best if you still were careful because everything around is quite dark and chaotic, so zombies can appear at any time to attack you. That’s still nothing because sometimes they will pull a huge turn and come close to you, so always make sure you keep your distance to destroy efficiently. It’s also quite fortunate that you will not be the only one to fight them, but several other teammates are always ready to follow to support you anytime and anywhere.

Space Zombie Shooter


With any action game, weapons are also essential and indispensable because they will help you destroy enemies faster. However, owning a weapon with formidable power and compared to a type that does not have too many quite weak, everyone will definitely choose the stronger one. But to own it, you need to upgrade to make them more robust as well as when shooting at zombies, and it will cause more serious damage.

After completing each stage well, the reward you receive is gold coins, and you will use them in upgrading your weapons. Initially, the weapon you are using will be at the lowest level of 1, and after upgrading, it will be leveled higher. The higher the level, the more effective the weapon will be, and your ability to win will also improve.

Space Zombie Shooter


  • Start the game with a fascinating storyline coming from space from the vast universe.
  • Faced with a newly released virus but a very high level of threat to the universe and to humanity.
  • Battles with zombies to quickly destroy them and prevent the spread.
  • A variety of different weapons to choose from in your battle for survival.
  • Beautiful, colorful graphics and fun inspiration for players to participate.

Space Zombie Shooter v0.16 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/God Mode) Download