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Shopping Mall 3D takes players to a fun and accessible experience when they will act as a waiter. This character’s skill can put food and drinks in a tall stack and serve the guests who come to the coffee shop. At the same time, during the game, players can also expand the restaurant area and add new tables and chairs and new waiters to welcome more guests.

Shopping Mall 3D Shopping Mall 3D


In Shopping Mall 3D, players will not be able to take their eyes off the exciting levels when serving the guests who appear in your coffee shop. You will be able to know their requirements well and will take the time to figure out how to meet them. At the same time, the game screen will start with only a limited number of different sitting positions, so you will receive food or drink to move to that position quickly. Of course, each fulfilled requirement will get you a certain amount.

The viewing angle of the game will usually be a top-down view that allows you to observe a relatively large environment in the game. At the same time, you will not only be able to hold food or a drink, but you will be able to stack them within a specific limit. The amount of food and drink stacked helps you to move on the game screen and serve many different customers. At the same time, this feature will gradually be helpful if you know how to use it sensibly.

Shopping Mall 3D Shopping Mall 3D


In Shopping Mall 3D, players will control a character that moves freely inside a coffee shop with a completely stable number of visitors. So you will be able to serve them continuously and get a certain amount of money, and for sure, you will try to earn as much money as possible to expand the growth of the coffee shop. You should not stop but should keep moving, and there will be a staff member to support you in your work.

At the game’s beginning, a waiter is automatically operated and does the same job as you. But the performance of this character is not as high as the main character, so you will try to complete the requirements of the characters as quickly as possible. You also need to consider the cases when the customers constantly show up and make the positions in the store empty. Indeed, there are ways to deal with this phenomenon.

An interesting point when you experience this game is that the appearance of a money bag and its occurrence rate is entirely random. That will show you how much money you can get and what you need to do to receive it. So in some cases, it is one of the quick ways to earn money in the game, and you can use it to upgrade your store and attract more guests.

Shopping Mall 3D Shopping Mall 3D


In Shopping Mall 3D, players will be able to find many slots that come with money symbols, and those are slots that you can unlock and let guests who come there sit. So, adding new locations can help you solve overcrowding problems and keep you from serving all. You can also use the money after a period of accumulation to expand new areas and access a new number of tables and chairs.

In addition to the elements related to the coffee shop, players can unlock new skills for the character through upgrades to improve work performance. You can increase the amount of food and drink you can hold in one go, increase the price per item, and improve movement speed. At the same time, with many guests, you can add new walters to help you partially serve the guests that constantly appear.

The player will control the waiter character trying to serve the customers who come to the coffee shop:

  • The guests to the coffee shop have a specific food and drink requirement that the player must meet to earn money.
  • The main character’s feature is that he can stack food and drinks into a high stack to serve many other flavors that appear in the coffee shop.
  • Players will find sure supportive waiters and their characteristics are different from the main character, and the work efficiency is not high.
  • Areas with money icons represent the locations that you can buy and help you expand the coffee shop area.
  • An interesting point when you experience this game is that you can easily unlock new abilities for better movement and service.

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