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SCP creates the most dangerous space that allows the player to participate in a mysterious escape, survival. Various creatures are kept in closed rooms. But a few hiccups on the way to get you out of there. Long tunnels dark and gloomy spaces will be what is shown. The player finds a way out of the traps and ends the journey by unlocking and escaping.

SCP – Containment Breach Mobile


The system builds up a fuzzy, mysterious and dangerous space to stimulate the curiosity and imagination of players. SCP draws inspiration from Foundation pre-written stories. The game received a lot of attention and reception from players. You will act as an important character in this horror story, and the entire decision that is made will affect the later outcome of the story.

The space opens with a gloomy color; the player is standing in an empty basement. Your escape journey officially begins. Hundreds of passages and mysterious rooms appear before your eyes. Are you brave enough to step into them? Look for important marked keys to open new paths. The process of escaping will be easier when you do not encounter the obstruction of the surveillance system.

SCP – Containment Breach Mobile


The player who participates in the dangerous series of actions that SCP constructs, will be given the role of a test subject trying to escape. Your journey is harder than it looks, and it is difficult for you to determine the direction in a dark space. When you find a few communication devices left in the guard posts, please find a way to generate distress signals and send them outside. Players will be faced with tightly closed doors, and the key that matches the door will shorten the way. Life in the cellars causes many disadvantages, but you still have to find a way to survive and adapt to them.

The challenge you face in the game will become more diverse as you can open more doors. The number of advanced layers of protection makes the puzzle process difficult. Besides, some of the tasks that the system gives you in the process of hiding will help you get the key. You will be the most dangerous test subject with excellent escape skills!

SCP – Containment Breach Mobile


SCP took a long time to develop a huge management system to build the horror story. You will discover the story from a first-person perspective, thanks to the camera that can see the entire space. Different obstacles are created to give players more options when escaping. Some traps will stop the journey but also make you more interesting to continue. Many of your other requests will be recognized by the system and soon revised in updated versions.

The creepy sound clip is also part of the reason that makes the horror story scarier. Space has only dark colors like black, gray, or white. The object that appears with a rather blurry image and the sudden inspection of the watchman will cause the player to encounter significant obstacles. Quickly finding a way to hide, survival and escape is the only way to continue!

SCP – Containment Breach Mobile


SCP with hundreds of dangerous situations and horror storylines will attract you to participate in a series of actions such as escape, unlock, puzzle, … When everything is disturbed, the defense system also becomes more sensitive than ever. Your prison space survival story officially begins. All activities are recorded and observed from the first-person perspective, and you can easily control the character with the help of a virtual keyboard. Quests to be solved are still waiting in the next rooms.

SCP – Containment Breach Mobile


  • Join the horror story where your life begins. Objects that are only allowed to live in the lab and other creepy stories.
  • Perform a mission to free yourself while trapped in this dark space. The displayed time frames are real-time; you can easily observe them.
  • Play as a test subject of a secret organization, find a way to escape after the incident occurs, and you can escape the control of the guard.
  • Overcome the difficulty created when you run away, search for the corresponding keys to quickly open the doors, and get out of the mysterious building.
  • Continuity of different survival missions makes your horror story more intense and dangerous. Survive to the end, so the world knows you.

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