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The battle of the sausages is growing stronger, and Sausage will let you immerse yourself in those battles. This is a game that attracts players, and we have the task of controlling our sausages. The match will be intense, and we also have times when we fight with humans in this game. Get a higher score to grow stronger each stage and become the most powerful sausage in this competition.

Sausage Sausage


Players will be allowed to choose for themselves a unique sausage from the game side. The war will officially begin, and you must control that sausage in the right direction. In this battle, the sausage that defeats more opponents will win. And more specifically, there is a scoring system that is recorded in each match. The battle will not end if the number of sausages left on the playing field is still high.

First, let’s determine the direction in Sausage to make a move. Players only need to choose the direction they want, and then the sausage will go in that direction. The agility of that hot dog depends on the player, so determine it clearly before moving. In each step, we will encounter sausages full of different colors, and that is also the heavyweight opponent that we need to destroy.


The main point of interest is that players will be provided with a map by Sausage, and on it are marked with magical gift boxes. We rely on the map to be able to determine if the enemy is near us or not to come up with action strategies. We need to move the sausages to places where there are opponents and start fighting. Let’s use all the power we have to knock the opponent up to crush them.

Sometimes there will be bigger sausages, and they want to attack us, use hiding. Tactical pressing will make your sausage safer than ever. Thanks to that, we can escape this tribulation and continue to fight to increase our body size. We need to destroy many opponents to be able to increase both strength and body to cope with more enormous sausages.

Sausage Sausage


We should also destroy and knock out the humans in this war. It could be tossing them into the lake, or it could be kicking them off the cliffs. It is exciting when we destroy humans and larger sausages because we will receive a large score. Players also need to move their sausages to places marked on the map to get large gift boxes. Maybe it’s the abilities you’re looking for, or it could be the significant treasures that allow you to enter the bigger round.

Sausage overwhelms players with top-notch matches. The sausages in the game are all afraid of your own guts, and you become a good candidate. The battle will still have many challenges, and let’s use all your superpowers to fight. Each fight has more valuable rewards, and it helps us survive in the subsequent wars.

  • Dive into the world of sausages, and you need to control your sausage through the battle.
  • Use all your strength to be able to smash the other sausages to get to the top.
  • Join the big tournament and sweep all the sausages left in that match.
  • Sometimes, we need the shelter of the game to overcome the strong people in the battle.
  • Get the corresponding number of points to be able to move on to the next round before being eliminated.

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