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If you are a lover of adventure and exploration games, then Rusty Lake Hotel is a game absolutely for you. This will be the journey that takes you to the most exciting emotional domains with extremely haunting horror elements. This game has a deep story and engaging storytelling, and simple gameplay, so you can easily enter this adventure that is not easy to get out.

Rusty Lake Hotel


Rusty Lake Hotel is an adventure game combined with a fun puzzle genre. This is not a fun game. It is a horror-oriented game and is considered to be haunting for players. This game has no gore or chopping action at all. The footage with a deep meaning will make you feel creepy. Looking through this game, you can see it seems like a game with animals, but not so simple. When you experience the game and look closely at the pictures while trying to solve the puzzle, you will be startled and feel scared once you realize the meaning behind them.


The plot of this game really has a lot of depth and feels quite haunting. Our main character is Jacob, and she is the youngest son in an upper-class family. He returns to this hotel from a far place, and the purpose is to learn about his mother’s mysterious death. Combined with the detective element, you will accompany Jakob on this horror-filled journey and help him solve a series of puzzles that are quite difficult and headache.

Rusty Lake Hotel

There are many puzzles with different difficulty levels that you need to complete. The harder the puzzle, the higher the achievement you get. Complete quests to collect unique badges in the greatest gallery of all time. The puzzles are not easy, and you have to use logic and your observation ability to find out every nook and cranny in each room. Sometimes the answer lies in simple widgets you can’t see, so be persistent and touch whatever is in front of you.

You will touch anything suspicious in the room you are investigating, collect these items, and you can use to unlock new clues. This is a game where everything is connected and interconnected, so it is a long journey that requires strong perseverance. The gameplay and story leading you will hardly let you down. The cinematography is so scary and ghostly, and you will be deeply immersed and immersed in the story until the end of the game.

Rusty Lake Hotel


There are a total of 6 mysterious rooms in the Rusty Lake Hotel, each with varying degrees of difficulty. Lots of varied and complex puzzles that will easily make it difficult to follow the storyline and find everything possible to enjoy the feeling of a real secret detective. Throughout the game will arrange for you 5 dinners with special guests and curious staff.

The atmosphere in this hotel is always dangerous, and people are suspicious and wary of each other. A feeling of horror and suspense will arise in your subconscious, and you will not be able to know what can happen and what the secrets behind it look like.

Rusty Lake Hotel


Background music is an essential and special element that creates sublime emotions in the game. The top music will push the haunting feeling to the climax and easily draw you into the story without getting out. Each room has its own written theme song, which means that it creates different atmospheres for each room, taking you from one emotion to another.

Rusty Lake Hotel’s graphics bring elements of comics with fairly simple drawings. Because this game was created to hit the player’s story and feelings strongly, the visuals in this game are designed as minimally as possible. However, it is undeniable that the combination of graphics and sound along with the way the story leads of this game is really top-notch, and it brings players to a lot of emotions from curiosity, anxiety, nervous to excitement.

Rusty Lake Hotel is a great game to test your courage. Many mysteries remain unanswered, and you must be the one to conquer these terrifying challenges. Explore a dark and dangerous world at the most haunted hotel you’ve ever seen.

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