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Rad Dude
Rad Dude
Rad Dude
Rad Dude
Rad Dude

Play this one-of-a-kind Idle Survival RPG and see how far you can make it as you forge weapons from the waste and try to stay alive in the end times. Gain experience and reputation as you play Rad Dude: Survival at the End of the World.

To stay alive in this post-apocalyptic world, you’ll need much tapping and crafting in this survival idle game. Use your tap skills to eliminate the cesium-coated bad guys who have emerged from the collapsed civilization. The players are taken to the Wasteland, where they must battle for their lives. Those who cannot handle adversity and new experiences should not come here. So, to participate in an Idle Wasteland Survival, one needs to be in good physical and mental shape. To survive, you’ll need to take in some radiation. You’ll need them heavily to begin assembling your mutant army. Fun can also be had with Craft Companions like BLOOD BOT. In this game, you’ll breed different animals to produce brand-new species. As befits beings of such enormous size, they possess special powers.

It’s a given that you’ll have to take on some tough competition in this game. Conflicts frequently break out over limited supplies. It would be best if you vanquished Cat Wizards to get some Radioactive Control Rods. This lethal weapon can be used to destroy your next opponent. Additionally, a Balanced Party is necessary for success in this challenging world. To win against Rad Dude, survival is of paramount importance. Players can also customize their creatures and craft stuff. In this game, the player’s home is attacked by waves of enemies that quickly overrun and destroy it. Your entire group will perish if you let them breach the wall. Victories, however, will reward players with a wide range of resources. All sorts of gadgets can be constructed from these individual parts, and mutations into whole new kinds can be triggered by radiation.

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