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Pony City is a place where you will immerse yourself in the land of cute and funny dragons but especially become a person who can control them. Indeed you have also known the famous How to Train Your Dragon movie for a while, and you wish that one day you will also be able to own your dragons. No need to go far because you have got the best experience about the world of dragons just with this game.

Pony City


From time immemorial, people have heard about the appearance of dragons hundreds of years ago, but until now, all of them are extinct, and there is no trace left. Although no one really knows what they look like, many movies are still inspired by dragons and the most detailed overview of this mysterious creature. As for Pony City, the lovely images of dragons are not strange, but the familiar My Little Pony cartoon inspires us.

In a mythical world also known as the residence and development of dragons, they live together in harmony with humans. Here, you will become a talented magician to control dragons and the ruler of this land. They are like your pets, so take care and build a good place with different amenities. You will need to create some areas for your dragons to have fun or eat freely.

Pony City


Regardless of the animal, its owners need love because they don’t want to feel lonely and bored. So do your dragons, so keep an eye on them at all times to know what they need. Each dragon will be a separate individual, so both appearance, color, and way of rearing are different, so never confuse them if you don’t want them to be angry.

In addition, you also need to build some unique places like Fire Habitat, Water Habitat, aka portable cages, because they are pretty convenient to help you raise your dragons. No one wants their pet to look sick, so these will be the right places for little dragons, and you will see them grow day by day. The gold coins you earn can be used to upgrade the strongest dragons to grow fast and help you in many things.

Pony City


Although your land is relatively peaceful, sometimes a few monsters from outside are still trying to invade and attack the dragon’s place. To defeat them, you need to have a solid and equal army, so your dragons must undergo many training sessions before entering the battle. Because it is a turn-based battle mechanism, the speed will also be slow but still, bring an exciting feeling to the player.

To be sure of the victory on your part, it requires the attacks from your dragons to cause significant damage to the enemy so that they don’t have too much blood to continue fighting. Continue to turn like that until the side that runs out of blood first loses, so be selective and bring dragons with great power into the matches. The reward for the winner is also desirable because, in addition to gold coins, you can also get a new type of dragon.

Pony City


  • Being transformed into a talented mage with a remarkable ability to control dragons.
  • Explore the colorful and magical land of dragons living here.
  • Pictures of dragons are very cutely designed with many different shapes and colors.
  • Engage in intense battles with turn-based combat to defend your territory against the onslaught of monsters.
  • Upgrade the dragons so that they can help you in earning a lot of gold coins.

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