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Pixel Fury offers many different weapons that give players more choices in this chaotic world. Once they confirmed the character and agreed on the parameters, they began to wait to be matched into different rooms. Achievements will be recorded and ranked on the leaderboard from high to low. Enroll in many tournaments and bring back prestigious badges from the system. The different pieces of the story will help you solve the mystery of the massive source of power!

Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D


In order to ensure the content and form, to help players have a better experience in the story that Pixel Fury built, the system has promptly released an exciting update. To celebrate the big celebrations, several monthly tournaments bring together hundreds of different players from around the world. Complete the user information in the memo pad so that you can easily log in next time. Important account-related announcements and rewards will be sent to your inbox!


Players participating in the campaign opened by Pixel Fury need to have the best equipment for the next operation. One of them is weapons. There are a few things like guns with great damage and more rudimentary tools like axes. The gun has a separate collection that includes famous guns like AK, sniper rifles, and even smaller ones. The battle becomes more intense if you are well prepared and always ready to face the number of risks along the way.

To unlock new weapons, players need to earn more experience points and bonuses, and they are two crucial factors that determine whether you can expand your arsenal or not. Not only weapons but new characters with better skills also need to be unlocked. Therefore, fight hard to get the most points.

Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D


A collection of characters is sorted according to the skills and sources of power they possess. Players need to choose a character that suits their abilities and start making adjustments. We offer a palette of skin tones to help you express your individuality. Be more creative and make your character only one.


After completing the preparations, Pixel Fury begins to match you into different rooms to wait for the battle to begin. This is the time to make wise choices for yourself. Different modes will provide different experiences. If you want to explore the match alone, choose the single-player mode. If you’re going to team up with others in a fun team match, team up now with numerous others. Another puzzle is opened if you choose the decryption mode by defeating other opponents and respawning on death; this is the most special mode.

The system doesn’t let you lose your way; they design different maps for each game. You need to get used to reading the map and take advantage of that to get your prey into the trap. The world depicted by beautiful 3D graphics technology makes the story more vivid. Great sound series when grenades explode, gunfire, and decisive slashes are also emphasized.

Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D


Pixel Fury will continue to provide the arena with the gathering of many gunmen worldwide, entertaining players with a never-ending quest chain. You are ready to request the system; let’s start this campaign with the most thorough preparation. Prestigious rewards like badges and experience point better gauge your skills. Accumulate them to expand the collection of characters and weapons further. We wait for your expression in it, don’t forget to leave a review after the experience!

Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D


  • Join the particular campaign by signing up for the league table, waiting for the teaming and fighting hard.
  • Choose the exemplary character for the skill and make the perfect customization steps.
  • Admire a vast collection of weapons, including guns, heavy explosives, and axes, and learn how to use them skillfully.
  • Get great rewards for completing missions or enrolling high on the leaderboard.
  • Enjoy different modes like singles, team, and freestyle.

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