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Moby Dick opens to players a vast ocean with a wooden boat. The main player is its master while on a mission to catch giant whales. The famous 19th-century whaling industry inspires this game. The excellent game content and the integrated graphics and sound are equally vivid, giving players an unforgettable experience.

Moby Dick: Wild Hunting


When setting foot in an empire surrounded by this country, the player is allowed to summon many characters to create a crew of sailors named after themselves. Each crew member has their own strengths and wisdom that will support you in your journey to conquer whales. However, at some levels, Moby Dick requires only the player to participate in this adventurous hunt. Do you have enough willpower and experience to be ready to enter this game?

Moby Dick: Wild Hunting


This game does not stop attracting players besides the fascinating storyline thanks to the inspiration of the legendary whaling industry once in the 19th century, and the control system is also not average. We try our best to optimize the control mechanism; specifically, in Moby Dick, it is the fishing rod control. You just need to move in the corresponding direction; the fishing rod in the game will follow you. Want to lower or drop the bait? Please. All is done with just a light touch of a button.

Moby Dick: Wild Hunting


Whale Species Parallel with the process of whaling and hunting is the appearance of hundreds of different species of whales, extremely diverse. Players hold in their hands the opportunity to admire the power and beauty of whales. This promises to be one of the unique experiences for players to learn more about the characteristics and types of whales. Across the ocean will exist many species of giant whales of different sizes and strengths.


It is this that affects the number of points that the player will receive when catching a whale. Depending on its own parameters, you will receive more or fewer points. And of course, the higher the score, the stronger the ghost, the weight of the whale is not easy. Many species can even attack the player and bite off your fishing rod, so be very careful.

Moby Dick: Wild Hunting Moby Dick: Wild Hunting


To help you escape the fierce resistance of giant whales, Moby Dick offers players a system of powerful fishing equipment with many different levels. Depending on the audience you are aiming for, there will be a choice of fishing rod that is as suitable as possible. With weakfish, you will choose fishing rods from low to medium range and vice versa. If the fishes give the player an outstanding score, you definitely need a stronger fishing rod.

The best fishing rods look extremely dynamic and sturdy, besides the tight fishing line to support the process of pulling the fish up without breaking in the middle of the road. Not stopping there, Moby Dick also gives you more advanced equipment such as heavy fishing rods, expensive prey, and hundreds of reels to conquer no matter how deep cannot make it difficult for you. Along with that are special items to challenge aggressive fish.

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