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You are big-minded people who want to explore and set milestones in all the fantastic universes. Mega Tower is the place for you to explore the magical world and build macro towers. More specifically, the aliens are using all the power they have to destroy your towers to pieces. But we will control all the helicopters and submarines to attack them and protect the tower.

Mega Tower – Casual TD Game Mega Tower – Casual TD Game


We are people with a strong passion for discovery and want to set an important milestone to expand the territory. What we should do now is gather all the strength to be able to build a solid tower system. But first of all, we need to find a place for us to build. It could be in the vast universe, on other planets, or even in places, we didn’t expect.

More interesting than ourselves will be an adventure, and find exciting places independently. Once found, construction is only a matter of time. Players need to find brothers who can complete the project with you in the planned direction. Moreover, players also need to apply their knowledge to build solid towers that can stand in all contingencies.


Mega towers will be built immediately and you are the powerful commander. Players need to find out the core points before building, that is, geography and soil properties in that place. Interestingly, the game will find you the right tower building positions to ensure all aspects. Players need to choose the type of tower that can withstand well before construction.

The aliens are trying to destroy your own Mega Tower because they fear you taking over their territory. But with a large army and strong foreplays, part of it also made them afraid. More interesting is that the game will also provide you with large helicopters to be able to fight around those troops. Destroying that army with the main purpose is to be able to avoid the loss of towers in Mega Tower.

Mega Tower – Casual TD Game Mega Tower – Casual TD Game Mega Tower – Casual TD Game


What we need to do now is to upgrade the Mega Tower, the upgrade is to make it strong enough to last for a long time. Each tower built will show the ingenuity of all our allies. More specifically, they always find ways to bombard the towers, so we should also find ways to build more solid towers. The main attraction is that after we successfully defend the tower, the Mega Tower will provide us with useful perks.

Mega Tower seems to make us have eyes with top-notch matches through this. These stages will take us from one surprise to another. Most importantly, players will also see the basic privileges that we get in this game. Come and fight with these hateful aliens.


  • Work together to build large Mega towers with extraordinary structures.
  • Combine with your friends to be able to explore the world together and find the most suitable land.
  • The planting of this important milestone is to assert sovereignty and thereby develop stronger.
  • More special is to fight vigorously with all the aliens to be able to protect the solid tower.
  • Use additional useful features to be able to know in advance the number of enemy troops to take effective measures.
  • Upgrade the tower to the next level so you can quickly get basic perks to escape the alien threat.

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