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Kenshō takes you to a mystical forest where miracles happen. This puzzle game will allow you to step through the doors to find the fastest way out. But if it is easy to overcome, it is no longer worth mentioning that we will see challenges. These challenges will unfold one by one, and we need to find their true rule. Be the one to get out quickly to preserve your own features.



The forest is full of the lights of fireflies that make players surprised. But this is also the deep forest that has all the magic, and you have to get through the doors. There is no one around you, just a few tall trees standing there, and you need to use your ability to survive. Only when you find the way out in this magical maze can you return victorious.

Kenshō will provide you with a map of this magical labyrinth, with doors of death and doors of life. We need to think carefully before proceeding to open the door because, after opening, you will not have the opportunity to return. That door opens, you will have an interesting puzzle, and that is also the challenge before you conquer the next door. Make logic and calculations before giving results to have a chance to win.



In turn, each puzzle will have different requirements, possibly forcing you to win five green cards and crush them. Or it can also be to remove the surrounding stones of a large square containing the key. Each challenge will have different difficulties, and players need to calculate the details before giving the results. If you have a problem, immediately use the help of Kenshō.

All rights to help will be given, and you can choose according to your own purposes. After you use that help, you will run out of uses in the next puzzles. If you want to continue using it, you must pass the next round to be able to win the right to help officially, and you must get the key to continuing to open the next door.



You will have times when wondering whether to open this door or the door next to it because they are exactly the same. But using a compass to orientate the position can also be a beneficial aid. And after you pass this magical maze, you will come to the wonderland. You will meet all the animals in the deep forest and have the right to stay if you want. Completing all the challenges now has a chance to move on to the next round.

Through this, Kenshō seems to have made players feel excited. Mysterious doors, attractive puzzles have created an engaging game. Players need to calculate the steps because each of your steps costs one unlock. Mainly, you have to choose to match the puzzle pieces to be able to find a new universal key.

  • The game takes you to the mystical world, where you can conquer all the significant challenges posed.
  • Embark on new adventures, great open doors to free yourself from this world.
  • The game provides you with a series of orientation maps to suggest you escape from this place.
  • If you are still confused about choosing the next door, you can use the directional compass to know the exact result.
  • Decipher the puzzles posed in the game and find the universal key that can open the next door.

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