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Infinite Knights is a turn-based fighting game where you’ll find an alternative version of the legendary Sword in the stone. You will inherit the power of King Arthur and fight the monsters that are increasingly approaching the kingdom. At the same time, your team will have more members than you can upgrade and break their limits.

Infinite Knights – Idle RPG Infinite Knights – Idle RPG


The story is inspired by King Arthur’s Sword in the stone, and the enemies humanity faces in Infinite Knights are the devils. There is a devil’s tower that acts as a portal for demons to appear in this world. Knowing of the monster’s invasion plot, King Arthur joined the other Knights of the Round Table to join the battle. But their power was utterly overwhelming, so our heroes were largely defeated.

King Arthur has left the Sword in the stone and is waiting for a hero who can pull it out to become the savior of humanity. One day the main character came and managed to do this, and at that time, the elf of the lake appeared and introduced what this young hero needed to do. After recruiting a warrior, they began their journey to conquer the devil’s tower to avoid these monsters that constantly approached the kingdom and threatened its safety.


Once you’ve entered the devil’s tower in Infinite Knights, you’ll spend time facing the enemies that appear before your eyes. You will participate in turn-based battles and try to take down the enemies that appear before you to go to the next floor. At the same time, the journey only stops when the opponent completely defeats you. In addition, your character will possess two basic skills so that you can attack the enemy most effectively.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a yellow bar indicating the character’s attack, and the closer the character is to the right of this bar, the first attack will be. Since you are alone at the beginning of the game, you will only have one character to attack, and many other enemies will attack you. You will use basic attacks to attack or special skills that require a certain amount of mana. The enemies will get stronger, and you will need to reach out to new powerful members.

Infinite Knights – Idle RPG Infinite Knights – Idle RPG


An interesting point when you experience Infinite Knights is that you will develop your team and protect the kingdom. Specifically, you will need to renovate certain aspects of the kingdom and especially the castle with your money. That makes it possible to find stronger warriors and reach a new strength limit. At the same time, you will find warriors with many stars from 1 to 5 stars, and you will try to improve your level and star rank to break the stat upgrade limit.

You have many ways to find a hero, using the money in the hire section to unlock new teammates. At the same time, some of the rarer heroes will need a lot of resources, especially diamonds that you get through quests, so their rarity will also be higher.

The journey to conquer the devil’s tower in this game is exciting when:

  • An alternative story involves Sword in the stone, which you will be able to inherit to battle powerful enemies.
  • You will recruit a warrior and experience the first floors of the tower to confront and defeat the enemies in front of you.
  • Each character will have a different power that you will increase over time and find ways to improve each person’s star rank.
  • Your mission is completely varied as you also need to upgrade the castle in the game to gain new power.
  • The characters have a different star rank, and there are many ways to unlock them and recruit to your team.

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