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Idle Tower Miner: Idle Games brings players to a dramatic business battle where you will have to try to complete the mining task to earn a lot of money and become the number one famous mining tycoon. Your task is to dig deep mines to collect stones and money to build superlative towers. You will have a lot of opportunities to earn money by building and mining each floor to collect large amounts of money.

Idle Tower Miner: Idle Games Idle Tower Miner: Idle Games


The journey to explore the world officially begins with Idle Tower Miner: Idle Games leads players to many exciting locations. During that journey, the player will be transformed into an idle miner on a mission to build a giant tower. At the beginning of the game, you will be equipped with the pickaxe available to use to dig gems and carry money for each floor to collect enough money to build the tower.

In each round, you will discover many unique areas with different amounts of stones. You will have more money if you use rare pickaxes that can dig faster. Therefore, it is necessary to try to complete the best task to have the opportunity to own a rare collection of pickaxes and enrich yourself.

Idle Tower Miner: Idle Games Idle Tower Miner: Idle Games


You have to go through a fairly long time to be able to collect large amounts of money in your gem mining. In each region, there will be a different amount of stone depending on the area, so during the mining process, you need to collect small gifts in each area to be able to unlock more new areas. In addition, you can also get a rare chest in which there will be essential items that help you mine stones faster. You will receive many new pickaxes with different abilities that will help players adjust the power to be able to exploit the most suitable.


A special thing about this game is that you will receive a reward worthy of your hard work when you work hard every day. Rare chests will be opened with many new abilities that will best assist you during mining. Take the opportunity to become a mining tycoon by building a large tower with the money you earn.

Idle Tower Miner: Idle Games Idle Tower Miner: Idle Games


  • The game offers many rare items with legendary pickaxes that help players unlock many new interesting locations.
  • Building your building in a custom space with your efforts provides a meaningful experience.
  • Discovering many unique locations on the map and mining gems in the wildlands is a journey to remember.
  • Diverse worker system control all those workers to build an idle tower together.
  • Earn money very easily by exploring many new lands and using rare hammers to mine more efficiently.

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