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House of Sin is an idle game where you’ll build different locations and gather goddesses from myths. You’ll be able to unlock them and receive love energies to purchase many things in-game. At the same time, when they reach the maximum level, the corresponding quests will appear that you will participate in.


In House of Sin, players will meet goddesses from Greek, North, and Near East myths and these three myths correspond to the different locations you’ll need to travel to. At the same time, you will be impressed when the goddesses gather in one place, and of course, they possess impressive beauty. You will notice that you will need to collect as much love energy as possible, and it will appear in these goddesses.

Your job is to build a house where the goddesses can gather and rest completely. From there, they will produce many love energy on their own and help you unlock many different things. In addition, you will see empty places in this house, which will be the resting place of the goddesses that you will open in the game. Each character has their own story that you will spend time learning.


The first goddess that appears in front of you in House of Sin is Peristera, and the love energy she can generate at the start of the game is low. At the same time, when she finishes generating energy, you also need to collect resources for her to continue doing her work. In addition, you will see the positions of the different goddesses and come with a certain amount of love energy needed to unlock them. So you will spend your time upgrading what elements you can create.

When you touch Paristera, you will see the level and amount of energy needed to perform the upgrade. That will help you get more resources each time you collect, and it helps you quickly unlock other goddesses. At the same time, each goddess with a high energy requirement will usually generate more energy. In addition, when you have a beautiful goddess cast, you will find ways to speed up the production of love energy.

You will find many factors that aid in the continuous generation of these energies as you possess the various areas. At the same time, each item has a different price tag that you can buy and helps you speed up the production process to unlock other exciting elements.


One cool thing about upgrading the different goddesses in House of Sin is that you’ll be able to unlock their paintings and stories. When you open the chest, there will be some puzzle pieces or quests when a goddess has reached the maximum level. Specifically, you’ll need to meet the requirements to unlock these quests the rewards of completing satisfy you. Beautiful fan art of the goddesses will gradually appear before your eyes.

The experience of meeting beautiful goddesses captivates you because:

  • The number of goddesses in Greek, North, and Near East mythology is entirely diverse and is gathered in the areas under your control.
  • Each goddess has her amount of love energy production and can increase as their level improves.
  • You will be able to unlock more goddesses with an increased energy requirement over time and give you certain benefits.
  • There will be many items to help gather energy continuously when you manage many different areas.
  • Many impressive stories are waiting for players to discover when the goddesses reach the maximum level after upgrading.

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