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With Heroes Inc, you must create great heroes and save the world. Create superpowers and build an army of heroes to prepare for the attack of the evil robots. Enemies are endless, battles are epic, and you will be the greatest heroes. An army of powerful robots is attacking the earth; your life is at stake, everyone needs your help. Be a great hero and save the world from doom now!!!

Heroes Inc! Heroes Inc!


Overcome obstacles, fight with giant robots to win, pass the levels you will receive exciting rewards, and collect many resources to equip your hero. The difficulty will increase with each level, and the challenges ahead are waiting for you; the giant robots are waiting for you. You have to be alert, equip yourself with a lot of combat tools, and upgrade your hero to be able to pass easily. It is an exciting game that gives you relaxing moments by conquering the Robot and overcoming the difficult levels ahead. It will be a perfect choice for those who love to conquer.


Heroes Inc is the game for you if you’re bored of fighting games with outmoded gameplay and uninspiring colors and want to play a game that will keep you amused. Players will encounter stages ranging from easy to difficult, conquer and spend awards to equip the heroes—a colorful combat environment, appealing 2D visuals, exciting gameplay, overcoming barriers, and difficulties await you ahead. Download and play now for new experiences and good fun.

Heroes Inc! Heroes Inc!


The characteristic light 3D graphics style simulates fun, fast-paced, and short battles to help you save equipment resources and time. The game is especially suitable for all ages, especially the little ones, with its unique gameplay—gentle graphics, away from violent elements. The game helps you become a hero by yourself, have special skills, and battle with enemies. Combat elements are realistically described and perfect to bring the complete combat experience. The complete but straightforward gameplay also makes the game easy to get used to, easy to practice skills, and entertaining during the game experience.


During the course of the game, you will fight to collect resources and materials. The materials will be collected in battle or collected by player rewards. Your job is to combine the materials with different ways to create heroes according to your preferences and characteristics suitable for you. Heroes are created with different characteristics and unique appearances; your experience will be boosted with The most diverse levels by wide selection through combining ingredients in random ways. The ingredients are also randomly renewed through each level.

Heroes Inc! Heroes Inc!


The character choice partly reflects your personality; each character has different skills and gameplay. An army of Robots is coming to destroy the earth; in order to protect the lives of the characters, they need to use unique skills and tactics to destroy them. The variety gives players enjoyment, helps the game not to be boring, and becomes more attractive. The robots are getting closer, being the hero, and saving the world now.


As mentioned above, the collection of materials is entirely based on your skills; materials cannot be bought with money. The game enhances player skills and creates fair competition in skills. The materials become more and more memorable in later stages. There will also be new skills and new characters with the new materials.

Materials are a goal to be collected in the game and a resource to collect weapons, heroes, and skills. Therefore, try to collect as many materials as possible. Besides collecting materials, you also have to fight with evil robots and Boss robots in each level, try to defeat them. Killing is straightforward when the interface and controls are optimized able to bring about effective simplicity in combat.


  • A new title with lightweight 3D graphics that saves space and configuration, responsive to all existing Android device
  • The game featured simulated battles that are extremely simple and easy to get used to, keeping you entertained after a day.
  • Interesting game with familiar gameplay, suitable for all ages, especially children who need to stay away from violent genres.
  • Simple control operation with the optimization of two main keys, along with customizing the interface and side settings to optimize the playing experience…
  • Not many updates are needed, so the amount of space consumed for the game will be fixed and not move to a high level; you will not need to worry about the usage level

Heroes Inc! v1.1.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download