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Gun War is a rail-shooter game where you will deal with enemies that appear before you to complete the level. The gameplay will focus entirely on shooting to have access to the controls in the game. At the same time, many characters and items assist you in different battles. You should make a backup before updating to the new version.

Gun War: Shooting Games


If you are looking for a shooting experience suitable for entertainment, you should look for Gun War, a shooting game in the rail-shooter genre. Specifically, you will control a character that appears on the game screen, and your job is to complete the requirements that the game screen requires to receive rewards and in-game experience. You also find a lot of elements to help you in the match, and the gunfights you go through are entirely accessible.

You will use the joystick and some buttons to execute your shooting accurately, and for sure, you will notice that the character will rarely move because this is a rail-shooter genre. You will see enemies constantly moving towards you, and you will have to kill them all to complete the level. Of course, they are also armed and always ready to attack you any time you appear. So choose the right time to attack.

Gun War: Shooting Games


When you experience Gun War, you will certainly not ignore the modes where you can challenge yourself in this game. The primary mode that you can play is the campaign, and the others need you to meet the level requirements to unlock them. At the same time, the campaign mode will give you a journey with increasing difficulty as you go through many levels and face many different enemies. Since the enemies are primarily humans, you only need to aim for the high damage parts to attack.

The next mode that you definitely won’t miss is the endless mode, where you will face waves of zombies constantly moving towards you. Their number will sometimes be more than the above mode, and some flying enemies may appear. So this could explain the requirement for players to reach level 20, and that’s when you also have powerful weapons to deal with many bloodthirsty enemies.

If you feel you lack resources, you will not miss the treasure mode, where you will face crates with different looks and rarity. When you shoot them, an amount of gold and diamonds will appear, and you will continuously shoot to collect as many as possible.

Gun War: Shooting Games


As you experience Gun War, you will undoubtedly face many different challenges, so equipping new weapons and armor is also essential. You can also increase the firepower of the weapons you use throughout battles to make them effective against various enemies. At the same time, you also have teammates to support you in battle when they attack recognized enemies on the field.

Gun War: Shooting Games

You will not be able to ignore the shooting experience that the game brings because:

  • The number of enemies that appear before your eyes is entirely diverse, and you are forced to complete the level by defeating the enemies in front of you.
  • The characteristics of the enemies you encounter will depend on the mode you choose, which helps you change the experience when playing.
  • A variety of game modes with different gameplay, from killing enemies to treasure hunting, will require a certain level to unlock.
  • You will be able to increase the quality of the equipment you own to survive the challenging battle better.
  • AI characters can assist you in battle when attacking targets considered enemies, and you don’t forget a data backup before updating to the new version.

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