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If you are a lover of horror games and want to explore the dangers, download Granny 3 to your phone to try it out. This is a horror game ever with unexpected situations. A family of demons will live in a dilapidated house, and you will play the role of the victim imprisoned in this house. You need to find a way out for yourself not to be discovered by the older woman and have to escape from that house before the fifth day expires. This game will take you to scary adventures and discoveries in the haunted house.

Granny 3


To give players more exciting discoveries, the publisher has allowed you to choose whether you want to play with Slendrina and help you escape from that deserted house easily. Besides, some scenes in Granny 3 have been changed now so that players do not get bored. And some other small bugs in the game have also been modified to give players a smoother experience.

Granny 3


The context of Granny 3 takes place in a large and dark castle with many old and dilapidated objects. The game starts when you are sneaking into this house, and the ugly older man suddenly appears behind you and knocks you unconscious. When you wake up, you find yourself locked in a dark room. You cannot stay in this room and wait for the apocalypse but find a way to escape from this dark castle. When you find a screwdriver, use it to unlock the door and find a safe way to escape. After escaping from that room, you will have to complete other requirements that the game gives with their guidance quickly. Attention, don’t let those two old grandparents see or hear any noise from you, and you only have 5 days to find the way out with various objects on each floor to support you.

Granny 3


The gameplay is very realistic, and it’s easy to apply real-life tricks to Granny 3. Granny is a compassionate person and can hear the tiniest sounds you make in the game. Therefore, if you drop anything on the scaffolding or happen to hit a creaking board, she’ll appear immediately. The fastest way for her not to see you is to hide under the bed or in the closet and wait for her to come out and then continue your escape journey. If you are thrown into a cell or caught in a trap by Mrs. Granny, escaping will become more difficult because the guards in her house will be more on guard after your successful escape.

Granny 3


The control operation is extremely simple with the touch screen, the navigation key to move the character will be on the left bottom corner of the screen and other option keys will be on the right side of the screen. This unique control system will give you more flexible control. As mentioned above, the old woman in Granny 3 has the ability to hear all sounds very well and you can’t kill her because she can regenerate. Even if she is hit by a shotgun, she is stunned, or stepped on a trap, she can still recover quickly in just a few seconds. Also, Granny’s granddaughter, Slendrina, is a girl who often appears with teddy bears and is always trying to make your escape more difficult. If you touch her teddy, she will glare with her red eyes and a glare that can kill you and everything else. Therefore, if you see Slendrina, move away as quickly as possible. As for Grandpa’s character, he is also very strong and has the ability to recover as quickly as Granny but his hearing is not as good as hers. However, you also have to be careful with his guns because he has a penchant for shooting at everything that moves in the castle.

Granny 3


Although there have been many changes in the context, the game’s graphics still really make players obsessed. The background of the house is simple, and everything in the house has a gloomy color, making everything look very dark and scary. Graphics have also contributed to the attraction of the game as well as the development of the story. Besides, the game’s sound is very gentle, with discrete piano notes that make players shiver and more afraid when listening. With this ghostly sound, the faint of heart should not play because it will startle you, and for horror game lovers, this game is an interesting experience.

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