Goblins Wood: Tycoon Idle Game v MOD APK (Unlimited Money, High Damage)


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You’ll play the part of a cheery goblin in Mobile Publicum’s newest game, which was just released. This wooded area is overflowing with enormous, valuable trees just waiting to be felled so that you can use them.

To harvest the greatest possible quantity of wood, we shall use every resource at our disposal. You will become very wealthy and have the financial means to own a sizable amount of property covered in trees. The game gets progressively more challenging as it progresses, but you may level up your goblin to keep up with the enormous amount of work it gives you. This is what causes the player to make rapid advancements in the game. Enter the Goblins Wood, an exciting new clicker game, and be ready to be challenged. This is how you can begin creating an industry from wood. A goblin fused with another goblin can be leveled up to the maximum level just like any other goblin, but once it does so, it will have double the amount of health and attack power.

Access new areas, expand your woodland, occupy it with more goblins, and increase the amount of gold you produce. You can increase the power of your goblin by collecting game cards and leveling them up If you want access to helpful skills and materials, you should try to acquire as many cards as possible. Missing pieces can be constructed immediately by matching goblins with one another or by waiting until you have acquired further benefits and advantages as you progress through the Idle Lumber game. You have complete control over the outcome of this choice! As you go through the tasks, more and more regions of the game will become available to you, as well as more spectacular rewards. Both entertainment and challenge are guaranteed in Goblins Wood Idle Game.

Goblins Wood: Tycoon Idle Game v1.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, High Damage) Download