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Gang Start : 異世界極道傳說
Gang Start : 異世界極道傳說
Gang Start : 異世界極道傳說
Gang Start : 異世界極道傳說
Gang Start : 異世界極道傳說

The next offering from that wobbly production company, GangStart: The Legend of Different Worlds, has made its global debut.

Different from its predecessors, GangStart has its unique visual style. The account of Big Brother Ji Dao’s death and rebirth is detailed. Wang Dao uses the customary absurdist style of the “Sick Series” in the first chapter. Playing an elimination RPG that is this much fun and exhilarating is a breath of fresh air. Because each drawing has only 25 open spots in the “Ichiban Rewards” card pool, the player has a 4% chance of obtaining a limited or uncommon character. The probabilities are increasing and will likely keep going up. Furthermore, after a jackpot is won, all remaining grids are opened at no cost to the player, and any unclaimed virtual rewards are “gifted” to them. The four professions in the game are swordsmanship, archery, magic, and animal husbandry.

There is a color rune that corresponds to every occupation. There is no “devour yourself” point of no return, and each character possesses their own set of active and passive talents that are unique to them. The game designers claim that the game’s experience design is more varied and chain-like than the design of traditional match-3 games. Altering the rune placements on a rune board with dimensions of five by six can be accomplished by expanding movement points in the appropriate direction. When all the chain conditions for a given color are completed, the characters of that color will begin to attack utilizing their chained abilities. In addition to the actual graduation, players can start the game for free with SSR Li Li Lingnan, SSR Margaret, and SSR Shentao Yinghuo by using the free card pool. It has also been noted that the game does not currently support short voices, and the brief voices of these three Vtubers will continue to appear in future game versions.

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