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FireWizardRPG offers idle gameplay where players will journey into a dungeon with many different stages. Each stage has a certain number of monsters, and the difficulty will increase over time, requiring you to increase your strength. At the same time, with the characteristics of an RPG game, players will need to pay attention to the character’s stats, equipment, and skills.



In FireWizardRPG, players will find an interesting role: a powerful wizard possessing many different skills that they can explore. Their job is to go into the stages of dungeons to destroy the goblins that appear before them and gather resources to increase their strength. At the same time, players will experience this game in an idle style when everything is simplified to access the gameplay easily.

Players will find an interface where many elements are gathered that they will need to take care of. The blue bar at the bottom of the screen is the mana bar they can use. So, every time they use it, the mana will decrease, and above this bar, they can use a series of skills. In addition, you also see a green bar representing the character’s experience, and the character’s strength will increase when reaching a new level.


When you experience FireWizardRPG, you will not have too much difficulty approaching the gameplay because you will quickly understand how to attack and what elements you can use. You will see a magic stick and enemies ahead. You will choose the location to cast spells and damage the most enemies. At the same time, the number and strength of enemies will increase day by day, which you will need to consider.

Each dungeon floor has its own set of enemies, and new enemies will appear as you progress to higher floors. So their stamina will be a pain for you, and you will constantly attack them with your magic. You will need to consider using mana and strength because your game stage is forced to stop when you run out of mana. You will be able to start over the stage you failed before.

FireWizardRPG FireWizardRPG


In FireWizardRPG, players will find many mechanics that you need to pay attention to increase your character’s strength. The first factor is that the level helps increase the character’s basic stats. Like other RPG games, mana will automatically be restored when the character reaches a new level. So you can continue your level before your mana runs out again. In addition, players also need to pay attention to the wizard’s equipment.

You can find useful equipment like staff, robe, and artifacts. You will see an upgrade button to increase these items’ stats quickly. At the same time, an interesting point about the artifact is that you will have many options and can change when you click on the arrow. So you will find the optimal choice for your character and suitable for having powerful skills later. It will be a long journey for players.

At the start of the game, players will only find a relatively small number of skills they can use, so they will need to learn about other skills to understand their unlock conditions. At the same time, you also need to prepare an impressive stat to use these skills in the journey to clear the dungeon. You can also find other game modes, including arena and boss raid, to test your strength.

FireWizardRPG FireWizardRPG

Players will not be able to ignore interesting journeys in challenging dungeons:

  • Players will face many powerful enemies in the dungeon and use their skills to destroy them and collect resources.
  • With your skills, you will choose the suitable attack method to save mana and avoid stopping the expedition too soon.
  • Powerful enemies constantly appear before you and require you to increase your strength over time.
  • Bringing the characteristics of an RPG game, players will need to level up to recharge mana, improve magical equipment and unlock further skills.
  • The game allows players to participate in arena mode and boss raid, where they will test their skills and strength.

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