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Find Out exposes players to a variety of entirely impressively designed environments, and behind that impression, there are objects and challenges that players need to solve. The game offers many objects, including pictures so you can find them and puzzles to lead to essential objects. In addition, the way to deal with these objects is different.


In Find Out, players will be able to go to many different locations to find the items they are asked for. There will be a list of different items, and you will need to observe the game’s environment carefully. At the same time, this is an object-finding game, so there won’t be any objects that stand out so you can identify them. In addition, they can sometimes be hidden by other objects that you will need to find a way to get to them.

The design of the places you go to is similar to the cartoons, and it offers a variety of themes that you can find. It could be a photo with the pirates or an image of an office full of different furniture. So, each level will bring a whole new experience for you, and of course, you will feel a headache with what you need to find. You need to select an object to collect them.


Players will observe the requirements of a level in Find Out at the bottom of the screen, and it will only be objects with different shapes. You will know the shape of these objects, and sometimes it will be easier than looking at keywords to find specific objects. At the same time, as mentioned above, these items will not wholly stand out to the player and require careful observation to choose the different proper items.

One of the challenges that players will find in this game is the variety of objects they can find. The objects in each level that the player goes through will be completely different, and there will certainly be ways to make it difficult for the player. Over time, the number of items to find becomes less and less, and certainly, it will cause many difficulties for players as they have to continue to use clues to find them all. The concealment of an object sometimes involves a puzzle.

Besides the normal logic of locating objects, players also have to find ways to solve this game’s puzzles. Items to find will appear when completing the puzzle, and the way to solve the puzzle will be completely different. For example, you will find a picture frame without the picture inside, and of course, you will be able to find pieces of the picture to assemble them into the picture frame. Then that picture is what you need to collect.


The number of levels in Find Out is diverse, and each experience will have completely new experiences that you cannot ignore. Specifically, you will go to many environments with many different designs, and of course, the layout of objects will also change. So, when you complete a level well, you will receive a gift and be stored in the game’s library. You continue to go to other challenging levels.

One of the things that makes these levels interesting is to surprise the players. They can spend time looking for different objects, and of course, most cases will have a headache because of the puzzles that this game brings. In some cases, these puzzles do not have the same solving logic, such as how to collect a hat, a piece of potato chip, and many other objects. The common solution is finding linked objects and thinking of ways to get them out.

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the completely impressively designed environments:

  • The player’s environment is impressive with many different colors and contains many objects that the player needs to find.
  • Players will approach many objects to find their corresponding images to observe and touch the target they recognize.
  • The items in each challenge will be completely different, and some puzzles to find the object will need to be solved for it to appear.
  • The number of levels you go to is varied with different themes, and when completed, you will receive a gift that can be stored.
  • Each puzzle will be completely different on different levels, and the way to solve them will also be varied and will make it difficult for you.

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