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The enemy’s strength will increase over time, making you continue to develop the strength of the character. In addition, with a variety of power mechanics, players will find many ways to unleash the potential of the character they choose.

Dungeon Quest


In Dungeon Quest, players will be transformed into heroes and participate in challenging battles of different difficulty levels. Each character you own has its characteristics. The warrior is a melee fighter or the wizard master of magic and effectively attacks enemies with powerful skills. So, after you have completed the character selection process, your journey will officially begin.

You will be taken to a dashboard where you will find the map you will be visiting. Specifically, it will tell you the number of floors and the corresponding difficulty of preparing carefully and starting your journey. The control method is quite simple as you will control the character in the 2.5D environment and use the joystick and buttons to move and perform your attacks. So you will quickly have access to the game’s controls and begin conquering the challenges in the game.

Dungeon Quest


Players will find a wholly varied amount of difficulty and are distinguished by colors in the Dungeon Quest. These difficulty levels include easy, normal, epic, legend, mythic, so this can be considered a long journey for players to face many enemies and mighty bosses. At the same time, when you reach a new level, you will find many benefits, and they will contribute to increasing the strength of the character to go to more difficult levels.

The first factor that any player will not be able to ignore is to level up the character when receiving enough experience and a point to add to the stat. At the same time, one point you will need to pay attention to in the new versions of this game is the narrowing of the number of points you get after each level up. Specifically, before that, you will receive 3 points to add to the power, mana, and health. You can only get 1 point now, and the effect when you add to the above three stats will increase.

Dungeon Quest


As mentioned above, you will need to increase the strength of the character in Dungeon Quest to cope with more serious difficulties. Many factors help you improve your strength besides the level increase mentioned above. Specifically, you will find equipment with different strengths. The hierarchy of levels by colors, equipment, and many other elements will also have their colors. In other words, when you get a weapon at a high level, its stats and effectiveness will also increase.

Besides the equipment journey, you can find reliable companions that are pets. They do not contribute to the power in the game but are effective when providing impressive stats. At the same time, you continue to unlock your character’s skills to diversify your attack. In addition, heroic points will be a factor that comes with leveling up because it also possesses impressive support skills. The game will allow you to freely create many characters and try many ways to build a strong character.

Dungeon Quest

The journey through many dungeons possesses many interesting elements as follows:

  • You can choose a diverse character system depending on your preferences and characteristics to confront challenging dungeons.
  • Each character has its strengths and is continuously improved in many ways, from leveling up to collecting equipment.
  • The journey will become more enjoyable when you have pets who are your companions and encourage you in battles.
  • A long journey as players will spend time collecting weapons of different rarity and improving stats to overcome the highest dungeon floors.
  • The variety in the power system with different regulatory elements makes the players’ creativity unlimited and helps them create many unique builds.

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