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Dungeon Boss Heroes owns fascinating gameplay when accompanying characters with different characteristics. In addition, the random summoning mechanism brings a certain amount of interest to the player, and the strength of each hero is determined by many factors that you will consider.

Dungeon Boss Heroes – Fantasy Strategy RPG


You will transform into a defender of dungeons from powerful and diverse enemies in Dungeon Boss Heroes. Your team will consist of 4 people with different strengths and attributes that you will spend time summoning in the future. At the same time, each turn requires the player to choose a suitable strategy and attack to defeat the enemy. So you will be the one to decide the tactics and coordination to create a strong team depending on PVE and PVP.

At the beginning of the game, you will find two characters of two different races: Rogar, a dwarf, and Willow, a fast rogue. You will control this character to attack the enemies that appear in front of you with the goal of not letting any enemies survive. At the same time, you can also realize that the world in this game has many different races, so you will be the one to take the time to explore it, and each new character that appears brings you a fresh feeling.

Dungeon Boss Heroes – Fantasy Strategy RPG


In Dungeon Boss Heroes, players will participate in 4vs.4 matches where two teams will stand opposite each other. When it is the turn of any character, you will see their portrait appear and the number of skills they possess. You’ll find an essential attack skill that can be used every turn and a unique ability that deals massive damage that needs a cooldown after one use. So depending on the objective, you’ll be able to launch appropriate attacks, and some levels will feature powerful entities that are bosses.

Besides the campaign mode, you can also find other game modes to test your strength and get impressive rewards that can be dropped. The first mode is a PVP mode, where players will face off against other players to find their limits. Tower of Pwnage will allow you to climb each floor, and of course, enemies with high stats are waiting for you there. So, to overcome these challenges, you will need to have a strong squad.

Dungeon Boss Heroes – Fantasy Strategy RPG


An interesting point when you experience Dungeon Boss Heroes is the diversity of the warriors that you will summon. So you go into the portal, and in it, there will be two summoning methods, including great and heroic summons. You will look at your resources and the heroes you can drop before summoning. Also, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to welcome characters with impressive skills and stats to boost your team’s power.

When you summon any character, you will see the number of tokens you would get if you already have that character. If it’s full for the next upgrade, you’ll get an upgrade available message to unlock new powers for these characters. You will also be able to see the general information of the character and gradually open new skills. At the same time, the strength of the character also depends on the number of runes that you equip them.

Dungeon Boss Heroes – Fantasy Strategy RPG

Exciting experiences that you can get in the game:

  • The number of racially diverse characters offers the opportunity for players to create powerful formations to enter battle with confidence.
  • Each game mode allows you to experiment with powerful formations and enemies that can take you down if you are not careful.
  • The random character summoning system brings a feeling of surprise and makes them happy when they find a strong and cool character.
  • Unlock new potentials when you get enough tokens of each character and guide the character to the ultimate power they possess.
  • Skills and runes are factors that will help the character possess an awe-inspiring attack power against the enemy.

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