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Driving Zone is a racing game that many players love because of its own attractions that cannot be found anywhere. This will be your chance to satisfy your passion for speed and become one of the best racers. However, your task still has to be to overcome hundreds of formidable opponents and move to the top on all difficult roads.

Driving Zone: Japan


Driving Zone is set in the main context, and romantic Japan inspires the idea of ​​​​the cars put into use in the game. Cars are meticulously and thoroughly invested, from antiques to those designed in a modern sports style. That helps players have more excitement when sitting behind the wheel and controlling their steeds. However, it will also be quite difficult for those just starting out because there is no detailed instruction throughout the game.

The manufacturer wants players to find out how the car works and even how to control it because the interface is designed to be quite intuitive. There are not too many complicated control buttons but simply an accelerator and a brake to help the car move. In addition, the view from the inside of the car is also quite realistic and looks like it is simulated from what is in real life. All you need to do is master the controls and be sure to master the steering in every situation.


Your task in Driving Zone is to outrun your opponents as quickly as possible to score as many points as possible and become the first to finish. This is not an easy task because other players are known to be genuine and highly formidable racers. You should not expect some miracle to happen to help you win, but best to improve your driving. After the failures, you can learn a lot of good experiences from the opponent and apply them to your driving ability.

In addition to the only goal of reaching the top, you also have to control your car because there will be many obstacles throughout the track. You will be given up to three hearts, and each time it collides with an obstacle or other car, it will decrease by one. If there is no heart left, it also means that you are eliminated and fail at that level. There is no need to rush, but it is best to observe carefully because the track in the game is hazardous, with many objects that often appear unexpectedly.

Driving Zone: Japan


In the early stages, you will not need to worry about anything, but later on, the difficulty increases, and there are many other factors. One of them mentioned is the weather system, and the map has also been updated. The track has become less monotonous when adding elements of scenery, traffic lights, and obstacles. Partly it will help the player’s experience to be better, but partly it also affects their racing process.

It also brings an exciting feeling for players when the scene on the track will change according to the weather and different seasons of the year. In winter, the scenery becomes more beautiful when surrounded by white layers of snow, but it also causes many inconveniences while driving. A slippery track makes tires easily slip and causes the car to lose control easily, leading to dangerous accidents. But the scene will return to normal in spring because, at this time, the cherry blossoms have also bloomed and covered a whole road with its pink color.


In addition to gameplay, Driving Zone also pays great attention to graphics, and players consider it as one of the games that are not inferior to famous names. The 3D graphics are beautifully designed and true to the smallest detail to make you feel like you’re in the actual race. In addition, the drifting and moving operations are very smooth and clearly show the harshness through each lap.

Driving Zone: Japan

The sound system has also scored points in the eyes of many players because it is very carefully invested. Each of your touches will be responded to by sound and accompanied by a piece of pretty cool background music to match the thrilling racing atmosphere. At this time, the player’s spirit will be pushed to the highest, and they seem to be loaded with more energy to conquer the track.


  • The game is designed according to the extremely familiar racing genre but promises to bring players a high level of addiction.
  • The player will be opened the first part of the game to get acquainted with their racing car.
  • The main and most important task that the game sets out is to participate in tournaments and win the final victory.
  • One of the factors that players will need to pay attention to during the race is the erratic weather.
  • The game’s graphics will be a top feature with a special visual system to give players a realistic experience.

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