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Dragons: Titan Uprising lets you immerse yourself in the world of big dragons where you will have control over them. This is an exciting puzzle game; players will have to complete the big challenge assigned. After choosing the dragons of our team, we proceed to the next task. Players need to find stones of the same color and match them together. Once combined, it is also the power to destroy other large uncles in this world.

Dragons: Titan Uprising Dragons: Titan Uprising


Your job now is to immerse yourself in the world of dragons and choose powerful dragons. The dragons you choose must converge the elements of strength, intelligence, and thinking to create a super-strong squad. Your squad can be 3 or 5 dragons and have the task of protecting this mysterious land. Of course, we can’t avoid other teams wanting to attack to capture this control.

Dragons: Titan Uprising always gives you specific strategies to be able to capture every situation. Such mutual fighting will often come with huge consequences, and we need to draw up plans. Making plans is to serve the fight as well as give the most basic directions for your squad. More specifically, the powerful stones in the puzzle will have a unique mission waiting for you to discover.


In each round, Dragons: Titan Uprising will give a puzzle. Our task is to match stones of the same color to be able to find strength. However, the dragons of the other team are growing day by day, and we need to destroy them. The more time we give them, the more difficult it will be to destroy them because it will take a huge amount of power.

However, the game always gives you more beneficial hints. These hints will help you find the stones that can create the power to destroy. After matching 3 stones of the same color together, that power is the spark that burns the dragons on the other side. It needs to be timely and fast before they come to overthrow us. We will need a great deal of strength to destroy them as well as their comrades.

Dragons: Titan Uprising Dragons: Titan Uprising Dragons: Titan Uprising


While we do the puzzle, our dragons are tasked with collecting precious gifts. These gifts will be the hidden strength that helps us to win easily. Most importantly, when we win, our dragons become more vital than ever. And thanks to that, we can open the next island.

Through this, Dragons: Titan Uprising always creates exciting things for players. Dramatic puzzle moments, great killing moments were present in this game. It is we who have the opportunity to win spectacularly so that we can help the dragons open new doors. Stepping through that door is to a beautiful new world.

  • Players need to choose powerful dragons to create a large council group in all aspects.
  • Form interesting groups and fight with other groups to win.
  • Players need to select the stones and combine them to create exclusive sparks to destroy the dragon of the other party.
  • Use the unique weapons that come with it to create an extraordinary power to be able to fight other opponents.
  • Win the universal key after each battle to be able to move on to other rounds.
  • Explore more new areas, open great doors and go to masterful spiritual lands.

Dragons: Titan Uprising v1.25.0 MOD APK (Menu/God Mode, Damage) Download