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DOP 2: Delete One Part is a puzzle game where players will go through many challenging levels with diverse requirements that require the player to delete an essential element. This element found will cause the level to be completed and take the player to another level. At the same time, the number of levels is diverse and requires players to use many different skills or use the help feature to realize essential points.

DOP 2: Delete One Part DOP 2: Delete One Part


In DOP 2: Delete One Part, players will receive many requests of different genres, and of course, you will try to complete them. Players will need to carefully observe the objects before them and associate them with the instructions on each level. At the same time, the most used item is the eraser that can erase a specific part of the objects that have appeared. This deletion, if the requirements are met, the level will be completed.

This game’s control method does not cause too much difficulty for players when they can completely make the eraser go to any position they want. At the same time, players can see hidden elements appear if they delete the correct position. So, each level will present you with a puzzle that forces you to reason and thinks about how to best complete the level.


The first element that you need to do in DOP 2: Delete One Part is to observe the images and items provided and requested, and from there, the player will recognize the connection between them. The elements to look for are sometimes hidden by specific elements, and of course, these elements are often easily deleted. So, this is a feature that helps you distinguish the elements that are the links to help you solve puzzles in the challenging levels of this game.

DOP 2: Delete One Part DOP 2: Delete One Part

Observation and reasoning skills in this game are important, especially when all elements can be erased whether they affect the level. So players will use their knowledge to solve puzzles; for example, level 550 will ask you to remove an element. If you are knowledgeable about the car’s gearshift, you will immediately notice the unexpected, and these findings will certainly make you feel challenged but no less interesting.

One factor that attracts and maintains players to complete the level is to try many times. This test is performed by players when they fail to delete a small element in the game correctly, and after they release the eraser, everything is back to the way it was. At the same time, players can continue their puzzle by trying to clear other items, find the element that affects the level, and quickly complete it.


When players experience DOP 2: Delete One Part, they will undoubtedly be impressed with what this game brings, such as the number of diverse levels. The levels are all different as they have their problems and specific animations and objects. Therefore, each level will be a new problem that the player must try to complete, and the solution is also completely different, which will cause difficulties for the player.

The number of diverse levels allows players to entertain their way, and of course, this will be a long journey as the difficulty will continuously increase over time. So, each puzzle game will usually have a hint feature attached, and of course, they will be completely limited in the number of uses. You will need to meet a specific requirement before receiving assistance to help you identify the key factors to complete the level successfully.

DOP 2: Delete One Part

Players will come to exciting puzzle levels and require many skills from them:

  • The player will see an image with different objects and an accompanying request that the player will try to complete with the eraser he received.
  • This eraser will make it possible to erase the elements that affect the level, and if the player deletes it correctly, the level will be completed.
  • The number of items that can be erased changes in each level, and sometimes the player will try again and again to get the correct answer.
  • The levels are diverse in design and requirements, and from there, players will use their skills and knowledge to complete them.
  • Going through many puzzle levels is a challenging journey, and players can use the hint feature to find the key points.

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