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Doodle Jump owns accessible gameplay where the player will control the character to jump continuously between the steps to reach the position and high score in the game. Each time the player tries to surpass his previous achievement, many factors can cause problems for the player. Also, in some cases, you can take advantage of assistive elements and change the experience by changing the location and theme of the level.

Doodle Jump Doodle Jump


Players will control a cute-looking character in Doodle Jump and jump to the highest position by stairs that can float in the air. You won’t be able to go back to the places you’ve been through and can only focus on getting to the highest point. At the same time, accomplishing this goal is not easy when there are challenges and enemies constantly appearing to stop you and make you fail.

This game does not require too much control because you only need to display the direction of the character’s jump. The steps will be the target for you to take advantage of and go to the following location, and of course, you can also press the screen to launch attacks on the enemy. At the same time, you will try to maintain your state and observe some characteristics of the steps to help the character move correctly and not fall to the bottom.


As mentioned above, your goal in Doodle Jump is to reach a high position, and of course, that will be the highest achievement you can achieve. It is a game without limits, so each player wants to have a higher score than before each time. At the same time, there will be challenges and obstacles that you will need to pay attention to as you experience this game and control the target shooting accurately to jump safely.

The monsters you meet along the way do not usually appear, but sometimes they will appear unexpectedly and require you to deal with them. You will aim the position and launch accurate shots to continue your journey. In some cases, the player will have to choose the position to jump on and handle the obstacles in front. So it can be seen as one of the factors that challenge the player, and everything has not stopped there.

In addition to accurately controlling the character’s actions, players also have to observe the steps they can jump on. Their characteristics are entirely different as some extra steps are stationary, but others can move in both directions. Also, some are broken, and when you touch it, you can fall at any time, and some steps made from rattan will only be used once as they will disappear after the characters touch.

Doodle Jump Doodle Jump


The support items are an interesting point that any player cannot ignore in Doodle Jump. They will certainly bring many benefits to the player, so you should not ignore them, and the first factor that should be mentioned is that the spring can help you jump higher. At the same time, a helmet equipped with propellers can help you fly a distance and help you continue your journey without problems.

The mechanics of this game are straightforward, and of course, it still has certain attractions when the game’s interface can change over time. It is similar to the theme used for your device interface, and you can change the theme for each of your levels. Specifically, the gameplay will remain the same, but steps, obstacles, context, and other elements will be changed. You can change from the default look to pixel graphics.

Players will not be able to ignore interesting but challenging experiences:

  • Players will control the character to jump over different steps to go to the highest position, try not to fall, and finish the game screen.
  • The steps in this game all have different properties, and they can be repositioned and have different durability that you can jump on.
  • During the jump, enemies trying to stop your advance will appear, and you can use your power to destroy them.
  • Over time, players will find some support items such as those that can help you jump higher than usual or help you fly to specific locations.
  • Besides the exciting gameplay, the game also offers many different locations that you can select, and they will change the level theme.

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