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Good morning, everyone! Build a home on an island inspired by the wild Australian outback and start a new life. You’ll explore tropical eucalyptus forests, survive scorching deserts, relax at cool billabongs, and see adorable Aussie wildlife in scrubland. Recruit new townspeople and businesses by hunting, mining, fishing, and foraging valuable resources.

Protect each other as you explore beautiful landscapes filled with dangerous predators in your new home. A sprawling town with farms, businesses, and attractions await you when you start out sleeping in a swag under the stars. Eventually, you’ll draw in visitors, who may decide to stay and make it their home as well. Add fences, flower beds, street lamps, beehives, windmills, hedges, fountains, and more to your town to keep your neighbors happy. A happy town’s people are more likely to settle down, bring their families, and open unique stores.

Start a new life on an island filled with Jackaroos, Crocodiles, fish, and bugs!

It’s up to you to build your town, start a farm, and make new friends on Dinkum!


Gaming is an interactive medium that essentially fulfills wishes. It is possible to compete in a sport you have never played before. Plenty of games offer the opportunity to embark on a long and exciting adventure across bewildering and harsh landscapes, as well as to play God and create anything your mind can imagine. Dinkum promises the latter, letting you build your own town.

It is similar to other building games like City: Skylines, Banished, Sim City, Planet Coaster, No Man’s Sky, and Fortnite Battle Royale. In this game, players are able to live a peaceful life in the Australian outback and meet a variety of interesting characters. Is this game a bit too close to reality to provide the same level of serotonin as playing God? In our review of Dinkum, we find out.

Features of Dinkum APK

Build your town

Buildings and decorations are placed at your discretion. You can customize the island however you like!

Forage & Farm

Get your food from the land! Start a farm, collect fruit, cut down trees, smash rocks, go hunting, fishing, and catch bugs.

Explore your island

There is nothing like your island! The island is only a small part of your town, so be prepared to explore!


Make sure you fence off your crops from wildlife and keep those Crocodiles away from your crops!

Dinky Time Is Delightful

Let’s start by looking at the visuals. The games are a mash-up of Animal Crossing and Minecraft. There are still environments with sharp edges made from cubes. In spite of this, the structures and character models are cute and clearly show off their Animal Crossing inspiration. While the visuals aren’t spectacular, the levity and nature of the game make this the perfect approach.

This game has been designed to be fun and engaging. Players can participate in a series of activities during gameplay to accomplish this. In order to provide resources for your town, you can fish, hunt, mine, and forage. Additionally, you can explore the various biomes in the game, such as Eucalyptus forests, deserts, and scrublands filled with fascinating wildlife.

Obviously, this game can’t compete with big hitters like Animal Crossing when it comes to crafting and resource management. There is a limited level of customization and, at times, the player feels as though they are on rails, which is exactly what games like this attempt to avoid. However, the game does have its perks, and while it may only offer the illusion of choice at times, it is not a bad experience.

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