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Your passion for design never stops because Design Island is always with you. This game is for you to solve mysterious puzzles, and you are also a particular person. You have dream-filled adventures and go to dream-filled rooms. The main attraction is that you have a natural talent that is to create new changes in your interior and your life. Be the one who brings the life of your dreams, which is the important requirement you have to overcome.

Design Island: 3D Home Makeover


The big challenge that you have to overcome is to solve the mysterious puzzles. You need to choose one of the places you go to to be able to receive this challenge. There are a series of islands laid out for players to choose from, and you can choose right away. After choosing, you will have an excursion here to receive the big quest. You are a unique design, and now you have to design the hotel on this island.

The hotel has been inactive for a long time, and everything here has become different from before. With the age as well as the old design too down to the color, you need to change everything again. But it can seem difficult when you have nothing in your hand and no one to help you. However, you can get help from the game by solving the big puzzles to get great help. This support will make the hotel a new place and can thrive in the future.

Design Island: 3D Home Makeover


You must proceed to find the missing pieces to create pictures, and the objects in the picture will be yours. After conducting the pairing and having all the things you want, you need to edit the rooms here. First, create complete blueprints for each room to create something new and then continue to work on it. There will be some limitations, but you can overcome them.

Redecorate all the rooms to create their own harmony. Players can use all the different decorations that the game provides to proceed. Decorate the rooms according to each new theme to attract tourists to visit. Come up with your friends to come up with new ideas from which to develop more exciting things.

Design Island: 3D Home Makeover


The game will allow you to use the hotel to welcome your friends to visit. More specifically, friends who can help you overcome questions and puzzles at many different levels. Big challenges will be timely supported by the game so that you can complete the assigned tasks. Each person needs to find a unique piece from which to create the complete puzzle.

More specifically, when you complete all the challenges, you will receive a magic wand. This wand will be Design Island’s all-transforming treasure, and players can use it to turn old rooms into new and more beautiful ones. The puzzles are given in turn, and you are the one who needs to find the most appropriate answer. Be a talented designer and take advantage of opportunities for yourself.

Design Island: 3D Home Makeover

  • Explore new islands to have the opportunity to make vacations as planned.
  • Take on tough challenges and solve big puzzles to get great rewards.
  • Use useful game help to unlock unique furniture to decorate your room.
  • Upgrade your actual ability through solving big puzzles to win fascinating things.
  • Invite customers to your resort and continuously change the room’s design to create a highlight.

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