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Color Picker
Color Picker
Color Picker
Color Picker
Color Picker
Color PickerColor Picker is an app that allows you to identify colors using the camera or an image and has many more functions.

Determine a color’s name

More than one thousand more entries from some of the most well-known color palettes are included in the app’s database. These color palettes include Common colors, RAL Classic, HTML (W3C), Material Design, and others. Are you having trouble deciding which color scheme to use? Make use of the standard palette known as “Common colors,” which includes all of the most well-known colors.

Scope of Movement

To adjust the size of the view, just swipe your finger over the screen. You will be able to rapidly determine the color that is located at the center point or the color that is the average over the full specified region. Three scope shapes are available: circle, square, and dot. When a circle is chosen, the average color is determined solely based on the pixels contained inside the selected circle.

See scientific color data

To enter the expert mode, click the symbol that looks like a laboratory flask. It displays the color temperature (in Kelvin degrees), the location of the color on the optical spectrum, the color value in a variety of color models (including RGB, CMYK, HSV, and others), as well as the degree of color matching (in percent) with the most similar color from the color palette that was selected. Disabling features of the expert mode that aren’t required may be done in the settings.

The camera’s advanced settings

By manually adjusting the focus mode, white balance, and any other camera settings, you may get a more accurate color identification.

Determine the colors present in photos

Launch the image and find the color you want to use on any area of the picture, then save it. The “Share” system dialog in the application allows you to transmit the picture to a recipient. There is support for each and every motion that is often used while interacting with images.

Employ the colors that have been stored.

The colors that have been saved may be altered, the HEX value of the chosen colors can be sent using the “Share” system window, and all colors can be imported and exported using CSV.

Conduct a search or browse through the colors in the database. You will easily locate the color you are looking for in the database if you search for it using either the HEX value or the color name. Through the “Share” system dialog, you have the ability to transmit any text to the application in order to search the database.

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