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CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles is a crossword game where two characters from aliens will accompany you. They want to find out what’s going on where they’re going, so crossword puzzles with definitions will be what you need to solve. At the same time, the number of challenges you need to overcome is quite large, and you can take advantage of the help to find the clues to solve them.

CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles


In CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles, players will find a yellow entity that traversed many vast universes and galaxies. You will be able to see the beauty of these places, and that entity ended up on a planet and flew in with an alien named CodyCross. At the same time, his appearance is also friendly, and these two friends desire to discover what appears on the planet they go to.

The easiest way to find out is to know the things and phenomena corresponding to their definitions. At the same time, you will receive multiple definitions at once and add the necessary words in different blanks. In addition, this number of empty cells is entirely diverse and has relationships with each other to help you access powerful clues and complete the entire level. So anyone will take the time to overcome the challenges that the game poses.

CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles


The two cute-looking companions are CodyCross and his insect-looking friend in CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles. They will introduce new mechanics so you can easily access the level and the experience of the game is completely simple when you need to select the text and enter the letter in it. Also, when you complete a line of text, the completion effect will appear, and some crosswords will be able to fly to different locations.

Letters appearing in new positions after completing a word is a handy clue. You can imagine that the number of words you need to complete will be quite large, and when most of the words are unlocked, the incomplete words will become simpler. So there are some crosswords where you can easily guess the correct word by just entering a few more letters. At the same time, you can also increase your vocabulary quickly.

This game gives you a helpful point that the vocabulary and knowledge you possess can be increased over time. You will approach new words most interestingly and remember and apply them the next time you experiment.

CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles


If CodyCross is a helpful informant, his friend is the one who will provide clues when you get stuck in CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles. Specifically, you will own many tokens displayed at the top of the screen, and you need to drag the yellow character to an empty box, a letter will appear. Each display will cost a certain amount of tokens, so you will need to use it sparingly to cope with the more difficult crosswords.

The journey through the universe and galaxy ultimately attracts players with elements such as:

  • Players will accompany the alien CodyCross and his friends in exploring the planets they come to.
  • The information appears in the form of definitions, and you will try to find the corresponding keywords and complete the crossword.
  • Each time you complete a word will unlock some new clues for other crosswords and help you guess the word more quickly.
  • You can use many tokens to unlock some letters in the locations you want, and you should also consider using them.
  • The vocabulary number that the player owns after completing the game will be significantly increased thanks to the exciting approach.

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