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Play a simulation game where you establish a restaurant in the middle of a forest, complete with farms, and prepare and serve delectable meals to various woodland creatures. Sell veggies to animals. You must acquire various recipes (such as spaghetti, hamburger, sandwich, ice cream, and café), and the more recipes you get, the more money you will make. In this insane game, you may develop your restaurant by purchasing the necessary facilities with the money you earn.

Cat Restaurant 2 – sowe & cook Cat Restaurant 2 – sowe & cook

With Cat Restaurant 2, you may become your restaurant or farm proprietor and see it flourish under your care. You are free to customize everything from the interior design of your store to the personnel you employ and how they are trained, the cookbooks they sell, and even the pricing they charge. Growing veggies in vegetable fields, Taking care of the growth of the vegetables with patience While watching the veggies develop and awaiting their harvest, and Harvesting vegetables to sell to animals.

Develop your abilities as an interior designer and give a complete makeover to a restaurant. You have various options regarding the restaurant’s interior design in this culinary simulation game. You can arrange the furnishings any way you see fit, and the restaurant may be personalized to reflect your unique personality. Practice your culinary skills and hone those of your chef so that together you may prepare a greater variety of dishes.

Cat Restaurant 2 – sowe & cook Cat Restaurant 2 – sowe & cook

In this game, different kinds of fifteen foods are liked by different animals (the Grizzly Bear’s favorite foods include meat buns, coffee, and Zongzi). Some of Lion’s favorite foods are coffee, Zongzi, French fries, and skewers. Fox enjoys rice balls, salads, hamburgers, and Coca-Cola; thus, the chef should try to learn as much as possible, prepare the dishes as the animal prefers, and collect coins and stars.

In this game, you can access various facilities; you may customize your restaurant to suit your preferences. It’s possible that more advanced facilities may get you additional evaluations and money. You can acquire additional coins by using Dessert Bar. Gain extra star power by installing stunning drapes and decorating the walls. Your restaurant will seem more upscale thanks to the plants, and the animals will enjoy their meals more. The restaurant also has several other fascinating features that are locked away and waiting for you to open.

Cat Restaurant 2 – sowe & cook Cat Restaurant 2 – sowe & cook

In this insane game, another essential thing to remember is to keep your restaurant as clean and small as possible and clean it as frequently as possible. Animal clients prefer restaurants that are clean and small. If the establishment is not cleaned for an extended period, a large amount of waste will build up, and as a result, the animals will stop coming here to eat. Even if the food is excellent and the eating area is spotless, animal clients are drawn in by more than simply the quality of the chef’s culinary creations.

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