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Avion Flight Simulator ™ requires players to complete flights in the best way when flying to a predefined location on the screen. They will do all the necessary maneuvers to take off or land correctly without any problems. At the same time, in some cases of not being careful, your plane can smoke at any time, and you need to go to the following location to make repairs.

Avion Flight Simulator ™


In Avion Flight Simulator ™, players will experience the position of captain and fly a variety of aircraft to locations in the game world and complete assigned missions. The plane’s control is completely done in detail by the player and ensures a stable flight. Simultaneously, the world is designed in detail to bring a realistic experience to the player in each flight.

What makes players love the experience is that they can freely change the plane’s perspective and see things their way. They can watch from a basic third-person perspective and switch to a first-person view to see the scenery outside the cockpit. At the same time, the first perspective is still the view from the bottom up when an airplane has just taken off into the sky. Besides looking at everything, you can also find the tasks you need to get done.

Avion Flight Simulator ™


When the player starts the level in Avion Flight Simulator ™, they will see the plane at the airport and prepare to take off. The way to appear is straightforward, which any player can easily do when the first job they need to do is increase the speed to the maximum for the plane to start moving. When the correct speed is reached, it will be eligible for take-off, and you need to turn the gears on or off and maintain the plane’s steady state.

The player will stay in the air for a long time and try to direct the plane to the location specified on the map. At the same time, maintaining a steady-state of the aircraft will always be necessary in many cases, especially when it is about to land. You will see some essential parameters displayed and, from there, make adjustments to the aircraft’s status and flight path. At the same time, the game also informs you of the airport you are about to land at.

Once you’ve received an airport alert to prepare to land, you’ll adjust the plane’s status and make its gears appear to land correctly. All the speed parameters need to be reduced to the maximum, and you should apply the brake so that the plane moves gradually and comes to a complete stop. In addition, you will need to pay attention to the aircraft’s flight to ensure the plane is always safe until it reaches the required position.

Avion Flight Simulator ™


When you experience Avion Flight Simulator ™, you will surely be able to find many different types of aircraft from famous manufacturers. They differ in shape and use as passenger aircraft or fighter aircraft, and from there, the experience they bring is also completely different. At the same time, they all have completely realistic physics, and you will need to ensure their stability if you do not want to affect the game screen.

It is a simulation game, and the elements in it all have their physics that you will need to know. At the same time, if you are not careful, you can cause your plane to explode at any time or see a part on fire. But you do not need to worry too much when there is a problem because you try to do good control to get to the nearest airport, and after landing, the plane will be taken to another place for repair.

Avion Flight Simulator ™

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the attractive flights:

  • Players will experience flying with different aircraft types and completing challenging flying missions.
  • These aircraft types are divided into several categories and are famous aircraft globally and possess realistic physical characteristics.
  • In the game’s large world, players can observe things from different angles and ensure the plane’s stable state during flight.
  • Each player will need to carefully adjust the flight if they do not want to have problems landing or seeing the engine on fire.
  • Missions continuously appear before you with pre-marked locations, and you will fully perform the necessary flight actions.

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