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Ares Virus is a post-apocalyptic game where players will accompany Neil to discover the secret of the virus that turned living creatures into monsters. You will work with the character to overcome many different challenges and find ways to fight the enemies ahead. At the same time, you also need to develop the game’s story through your choices, complete the tasks well and find a way to overcome the bosses with incredible strength.

Ares Virus


The story of Ares Virus begins when you see a group of characters on a journey to the Ares Virus research place. It is the cause for many people to get infected and transform into various monsters that only focus on attacking humans. At the same time, in going to this facility, they also faced many enemies and gradually found a gate. But an explosion happened and took everyone in the group by surprise.

The character Neil near the gate was thrown away by the explosion force, and from within the door, many enemies appeared and continuously attacked his teammates. Neil was brought to rock and gradually lost consciousness there, and fortunately, a strange figure appeared. The character then reveals that his name is Bodden and that he is the one who saved Neil and brought him to a safe place to rest. When everything returned to normal, he resumed his mission.

Ares Virus


As you begin with the team uncovering the secret behind Ares Virus, you will become familiar with the game’s attack mechanics. Players will control the character to move in a 2D environment and observe everything from a top-down perspective. At the same time, players will find buttons that correspond to the movement buttons and the weapon buttons they can use. The weapon button has an interesting mechanism where the player can drag it to the direction they want to locate the attack before firing.

The number of monsters in the game is varied, and they appear in different forms. They can be animals or bloodthirsty zombies that constantly want to destroy the player, and of course, the player will need to move carefully to dodge their attacks. At the same time, you can also find conversations with some of the characters and make appropriate choices to develop the story in this game.

When you interact with Bodden for the first time, you will see two options with different colors, including blue and orange. Orange will be more special than the other color because it will help the player develop the story in the game and the player also needs to complete the task. These missions will often have various requirements that the player must meet, and thanks to that, you will be able to know what is going on regarding the virus in the game.

Ares Virus


In Ares Virus, players will find a variety of weapons that have different properties and attacks, but the player’s hold on them will vary. Specifically, at the beginning of the game screen, players will be equipped with many good-quality weapons and accompany their teammates to discover the secret of the virus. You will lose everything but a knife after being injured and continue your journey to complete your mission. At the same time, players also find new weapons for fighting the enemies.

Like other zombies games, players will be able to find many types of zombies; prominent among them are bosses with attack mechanisms that make it difficult for players. Their attacks deal great damage, and they possess a great resistance body, so it will take a long time for you to destroy them. In addition, their attacks before activating the effect will announce the area of effect and help the player to dodge accurately.

Ares Virus

Players will be accompanied by a group trying to discover about a virus:

  • The world is on the brink of danger when the monsters infected with the virus appear and constantly riot in the research area.
  • A group of characters, including Neil, have a mission to go to that facility, and Neil is mortally wounded and meets Bodden.
  • The user will find various weapons, and the weapons holding will vary depending on events, such as Neil being found after being injured.
  • The game’s story system is developed through the characters’ dialogue, the right choices are decided, and the missions are completed.
  • Bosses with impressive powers will be a difficult factor for players, and they will need to understand their strengths to perform attacks.

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