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A desert complex is a place full of difficulties, and you are determined to conquer it in Alien Shooter. This is a typical action game; the player will be a superhero who can face thousands of challenges. Here monstrous creatures are appearing more and more, and they are strangely hungry for humans. You enter this war will be very difficult because alone you have to fight all those strange creatures and collect piles of money in the tunnels.

Alien Shooter – Invasion


The player is tasked by Alien Shooter to a mysterious place, a desert complex, to do the most important things. Players need to fully prepare the necessary equipment and items to carry out this exciting attack. There you will find that monstrous creatures are running crazy, and they have long been thirsty for human blood. So if you appear like that, it will be straightforward to be attacked by them and need to prepare a lot of things.

You need to immediately use the divine armor that the game provides to create the perfect preparation. You will also be provided with modern and highly destructive guns. With the current gun, you can kill a few dozen of those monstrous creatures each time you pull the trigger. Your shooting ability is considered a quintessence, and you possess your own magic that no one can explain.

Alien Shooter – Invasion


You must know that you will play in all different situations, and if you destroy the monstrous creatures, their corpses will not disappear. That will be difficult for you because you will have to trample on those rugged corpses, and that is also a test of your agility. You also need to pay attention in that basement where the money is and get it right away to upgrade your strength. The power upgrade is essential because it will determine your future.

Gradually the war officially begins, and those creatures will attack you continuously from all sides. The first challenges will be straightforward for you, and you can destroy them in a short time. But players also need to know that the higher you go, the more complex the challenge becomes, and that’s why you have to bet. You should also use automatic weapons mounted in appropriate locations and lure those creatures to those areas.

Alien Shooter – Invasion


The wars are getting bigger and bigger, and now your ability is higher than before. You can use two guns simultaneously and take on more extensive missions. At the same time, you also have to look on the map so that if you need help, there will be fleets immediately appearing to rescue you. Difficulties will also pass, and new challenges will also appear to make it difficult for you.

The more money a player receives, the greater the chance of winning. You will prove that you deserve to be the strongest, and only you can feel the heat. At the same time, you also need to add a series of big weapons, modern weapons for big wars. More creatures will appear, and you will continue on a mysterious new journey.

Through this, Alien Shooter created mysterious turns, and it was those exciting things that made our match end successfully. Players will need to use their own privileges and create the perfect battle screens. The more money you collect, the more likely your victory will be, and thanks to that, you will get more valuable upgrades. Stepping through the next door, the difficulty will be doubled, and you have to replenish your strength from now on.

Alien Shooter – Invasion


  • Become a superhero capable of defeating monstrous creatures and advancing quickly to claim valuable rewards.
  • Use the most modern guns to shoot those creatures and change the barrel to cope with the next challenge.
  • The tunnels follow the magical maze, and you need to look closely at the map to map out the perfect and accurate direction.
  • Use the automatic attack system to destroy the creatures that appear in this special room.
  • If you are overwhelmed with the growth of monstrous creatures, you can use the rescue feature to deal with the largest grenades.

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