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If you have a passion for traveling, then 80 Days is the super product that you should choose. This is a new role-playing game; players need to select the main character for themselves and perform role-playing. You will work with your friends to build a perfect plan to overcome difficulties to conquer the world. Conquering the world in 80 days is a magical thing that you can use as a milestone. Take up the challenge, use all you can to travel the world.

80 Days 80 Days


Before embarking on an adventure to conquer the world, you should have a perfect plan to be able to step into the conquest. Having an excellent plan will give you some peace of mind. In addition, players need to prepare the essential items; these items are for you to use in all cases. It can be a weapon to be able to fight or, in times of uncertainty, can be used at will.

After preparing the necessary items and having a perfect plan, you also need to choose more companions. Choosing friends is for like-minded people, and from there, it’s easy to support each other. You will be the game provided with valuable means to serve this trip. This trip will still have many significant challenges, and you need to overcome them as quickly as the plan has been outlined.


After choosing the friends to go on this adventure, you also need to use exciting tactics. Players will use all the featured weapons, modern vehicles to serve this adventure. If you want to cross the ocean, you need to use a large ship to shorten the time of this mysterious journey. You are coming to the vast desert, using camels to cross the giant sand dunes.

There will be a lot of fights happening in 80 Days because they will attack you. Coming to a new horizon, you will be surprised by the challenges. If you encounter pirates, go with larger ships to avoid them. You will have a unique weapon and if the desert tribes want to kill you, use the weapon to threaten them. Use the helicopter to cross the craggy mountains and to draw the distance to conquer.

80 Days 80 Days


In the process of surveying and experimenting on the road of adventure, players also need to collect valuable resources. Players will need to conquer all challenges to be able to collect. Moreover, players also need to overcome the large obstacles that 80 Days offers. Those items can be unique weapons to serve in wars or can be useful means of overcoming obstacles.

Through this, 80 Days seems to become more and more powerful and unique. Players will be able to carry out the adventure to go to faraway places and complete the missions set out. More specifically, players will also have practical help to be able to solve assignments related to challenging problems.

  • Take every big adventure, and this is the 80-day mission to conquer the big world.
  • Explore every corner of the world and conquer all the major terrains around the world.
  • Use all the weapons included in the game to be able to fight all the big monsters and tribes on the way.
  • The means of transportation are provided completely to be able to overcome the steep terrain.
  • Collect all the precious supplies and items to be able to fuel up on this great road of conquest.

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